In time with the turtles

Between the pond and the brook is a road,
And across that road once walked--
In the evening, I imagine--six turtles
The size of silver dollar pancakes,
Though they never made it from the pond to the brook....
One person coming and another, going
Arrested their movement
As old and secret as time itself
I imagine
From water to water under the full moon.

And I imagine it's so easy to stop things.

That same morning I stepped over
A dead raccoon that was very young
And garter snakes--young ones, yes--
And then there were these turtles
That had become six
Unrecognizable and almost imperceptible spots.

Is it easy to stop things?

I don't wear my shoes in my house.
I won't wear them into yours.
I know where I walk.
I know the power and force of time,
The coming and the going