Writing in faith

The stories of the relationship between King Saul and that smelly shepherd David are among my favorite from the Old Testament. David's handling of the paranoid schizophrenic king is a source of courage and hope, I think.

Saul was always trying to destroy David. So many times he set him up or left him in a bad way. So many times David had the opportunity to destroy his boss, to kill him and move on. David exercised restraint, though, and gave the reminder that it was not his place to do that because Saul was the Lord's anointed. David was cut out for great things, and that was in large part because he understood that he didn't know everything, that it wasn't his place to make certain judgments, and that he had to bide his time.

I think the lesson for me in this is that we are all the Lord's anointed--the good and the bad person, the kind and the unkind, the giver and the taker, the true and the false friend. From the muck of life we can find beauty. We can't put it on; we have to find it.

Life is always interesting around the bottom and in the middle of things. It's real. I feel at home in those places because truth lives there.

This blog represents my search for truth. It is my electronic filing cabinet containing my graffiti project, Strange Attractions; my thoughts; my poems; my short stories; my archive of done things; and my book reviews. If it's not all pretty in the sense of being easy on the eye or easy to take, all of it is an expression of my commitment to the essential truths of life, which effort I believe is fundamentally beautiful. God bless.