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I out walking...

These are stairs behind the legal wall in Bethel circa 1993. Back in the day, I had plaid Keds that blended in very nicely with the overspray and the tags, if I do say so myself. For no good reason I can think of right now, this photo reminds me of the Frost poem that contains the lines, "Now I out walking/the world desert/and my shoe and my stocking/do me no hurt." I love the spirit that drives graffiti. It is, as Cycle says, fundamentally American. Like jazz. And Frost. (More)

Advent Light

From the Gospel of John
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not....

Who's better than Borat?

Who's better than Borat?

The answer has to be nobody. Who else gets to invite men and women to reveal their worst thoughts, their darkest beliefs, their silliest superstitions and then cash in on the folly of those persons? (More)

Writing in faith

The stories of the relationship between King Saul and that smelly shepherd David are among my favorite from the Old Testament. David's handling of the paranoid schizophrenic king is a source of courage and hope, I think.

Saul was always trying to destroy David. So many times he set him up or left him in a bad way. So many times David had the opportunity to destroy his boss, to kill him and move on. David exercised restraint, though, and gave the reminder that it was not his place to do that because Saul was the Lord's anointed. David was cut out for great things, and that was in large part because he understood that he didn't know everything, that it wasn't his place to make certain judgments, and that he had to bide his time.

I think the lesson for me in this is that we are all the Lord's anointed--the good and the bad person, the kind and the unkind, the giver and the taker, the true and the false friend. From the muck of life we can find beauty. We can't put i…

Book review: Thirst by Mary Oliver

Between the cover and the title poem of Mary Oliver's latest volume Thirst are poems that explore Oliver's spiritual quest following the death of her lifelong partner. She struggles with grief in various permutations--feelings of loneliness, insignificance, depression--and ultimately integrates the sensual Mary Oliver of this physical world that she has celebrated in her poetry for the past 40 years with a Mary Oliver of a new, inquisitive love for God. (more)

Strange Attractions video clips

Click here for more on Strange Attractions, Exploring Graffiti.

Saying thanks: GoodPeopleStories

GoodPeopleStories is a worldwide project to help people feel good about being who they are. GoodPeopleStories.comcreator Evan Bailyn wants the site to become the largest community-built collection of stories about good people in the world. Each story will be automatically entered into a fully-searchable database. The next time someone Googles that person's name, the story will show up in the search results. The website's stated goal is to have ten thousand entries by next year. (Click here for more.)

Lord of light

This is from the book of Job, when God reminds Job that the world is big and mysterious and God is God.


Camels passed through the eye of that heron-shaped needle
And countless rich men passed through the gates of heaven
And hyperbole is not actionable according to the managing editor
And Jesus laughed

As one heron emerged through the swirling mystery
Of morning, neither mild nor cold, in November
Just a few silent feet away from me
And he stared at me as if he owned this royal property
And might forgive my trespasses.

I stood still for two thousand years
And the sun did not rise that morning
And the swirl of mist did not evaporate.

And then the bird blinked
And with some slight effort of the body that
Had nothing at all to do with the eyes
That heron spread its wings and by some magic

Gathered the four corners of the mist into himself
Lifted the dull gloom and left me here today
In broad daylight having sold everything I owned
And ready to follow

And Jesus laughed.