The Genesis of it All

There's as much joyful as their is almighty in the God of The Genesis of it All. Luci Shaw's picture book (illustrated by Sr. Huai-Kuang Miao and Sr. Mary Lane) about the Creation of the Earth and its occupants is full of swirls and twirls of teeming life and streaming light that merge and emerge anew with more and more of the metaphorical, magical truth of Genesis 1 as God's work week moves out of the void and into a resplendant paradise. Take hold of a child's hand while you read this book and become a part of the story and you'll feel the abundant love of a joyful God wrapping you in light and life and transcendence all at once. It's a fun book, the first few pages of the biography of a Creator God who just loves to make things, who rejoices in every form of life.


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    If the book is as good as the review, I'm in!


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