Chorister Academy Works as a Team in Waterbury, Connecticut

My daughter is a member of the Chorister Academy of St. John's Episcopal Church in Waterbury, Connecticut. This is a group of kids from inner city Waterbury and the surrounding towns who rehearse 4+ hours a week to sing in church during worship, at special services, in other churches, and at other events. Director Maria Coffin combines lessons in music reading, voice, and liturgy in a seamless way. Over the past few weeks, I've waited for Adella in the church library, and little girls have come in with their moms looking for the music school. Bill the security man sends them up the stairs to Maria, and they find their place. To my mind, the Chorister Academy is perfect because all who participate in it work as a team for the love of God--every step of the way. (Click here for another inspiring story of a teacher working hard for new neighbors.)


  1. This posting is great. - I clicked on the video, went to the YouTube and see there are lots of video postings from SJP Choristers.

    These kids work hard at praising the Lord. - Quite uplifting. - And you can tell they love the work.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! These kids do work hard at the end of their school day. St. John's is a big, old Episcopal church, so the architecture really works with their young voices, and hearing them is like hearing angels. Nothing "like"--they are God's angels. Again, thanks for your thoughtful feedback. God bless!


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