Enduring Valentine's Day

I receive a few syndicated online newsletters and daily news brief updates that I usually appreciate because they are the news for me. I don't want to know what's new--or isn't new--anymore. This week, they're wearing me out with their little features about "enduring" Valentine's Day.

Last month, there were features about enduring the Super Bowl. Before that, the pathetic wrecks of the world needed help surviving New Year's Eve, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Advent.

What is this survival stuff? How about, enjoy, embrace, drink up, and love with reckless abandon? Can't we do that, even if the neighbors are watching? Must we be miserable?

My mother used to say that people think you're simple if you don't walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders. She's a genius, and she just happens to always be right. Always. If you're having a good day, if your chin is up, if you're not complaining, people think you're a fool. Well, count me in with that crowd.

I am not going to endure the Chocolate Holiday. I am going to glom every calorie of it, kiss everyone I see whom I like even just a little, and do every inappropriate thing I can with those little Necco conversation hearts. Live it, love it, do it. Be a damned fool.

I have no intention of enduring anything. Want to talk about it? I don't. Just want to pucker up and love life. I love you.


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Not only that, it's the people who can't embrace the day who bring down those who are bubbly, jovial and loving life. Kudos to those who don't let the miserable succeed. To that narcissitic bunch, take the advice of this post. You might find you meet a self you like much better.

  2. It snowed here and it is cold. All we hear is car wrecks and warnings for two dats. Warnings of doom and gloom. Not constructive advice. all these people with non essential jobs staying home an ejoying the day off but killing themselves . In the past everyone seemed to grib and bear it,now they frown and hate it. Taking the weather as an act of punishment

  3. Lloyd,

    I teach, so I was thrilled to pieces with the college closed for me. I had students email me and wonder what to do about the assignment. Good responsible kids. I love it. I told them to go out and play. Life is oh, so short--and it's too damned cold today to be out there!


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