Ice and Attitude, You and Me

Attitude can sometimes be everything, even to a glass of water. Japanese researcher Masaro Emoto discovered a few years ago that his attitude toward various samples of water affected the quality of the ice crystals formed by those samples. If he labeled a sample "Mother Teresa" or "beauty," the crystals the water formed were beautiful, complex, balanced. If he labeled a sample "Hitler" or "ugly," he got ugly, misshapen ice crystals.

That means that water picks up on human vibrational energy--our presence--and responds much as it responds to other influences--sunshine, clean air, or pollution.

What are the implications for each of us, who are made up of water? How do our attitudes and intentions affect the people around us? How much harm do we do if we bring bad feelings wherever we go or drop them like little bombs on voice mails or emails?

Conversely, how much good can we do simply by being kind? With the intention of kindness guiding our every action, how much good can we do with kind, friendly blog comments, email message, voice mail, kind words to passersby? And how about being extra kind to good friends? What great and beautiful things might come of this?

It can be that simple, if Emoto's research is anything to go by. Life can get better one kind word at a time. Or meaner with every sarcastic message or cutting comment. The choice is simple, but it isn't always easy. As the Prophet Mohammed said, "Your worst enemy lies between your two ribs."
Note: When my nephew told me that most of my brain was made of water, I went looking for some information on the topic and found myself rethinking the old expressions about a person's being "a tall drink of water" or even of being "all wet."

Sixty-six percent of the human body is water; 75 percent of the human brain is water. Water regulates the temperature of the human body, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, cushions joints, protects organs and tissues, and removes wastes. It affects your moods and attitudes and how well you handle stress, too. If you're all wet, you really are doing well.

With this in mind, Emoto's research and his hypotheses about water and peace are worth considering. Emoto believes that water holds the potential to create peace on earth. He believes that by holding the intention of peace towards water ―by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace toward water― water can and will bring peace to our bodies and to the world.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Attitude is important. Outlook is important. It's all about treating others and this planet in ways we'd like to be treated. No one likes to get "iced" or dissed or abused. So why does any one person do that to another? Perhaps life would be too easy and too enjoyable if everyone was nice. God-forbid we let that happen.

  2. where do you come up with this insight? everyday I check out this blog and am blown away... i stopped by to thank you for your comment on my "Gracie" post, and got some great energy instead!


  3. It is also important to realize that our words and actions, be they kind or hateful, may build or destroy ourselves as well as others.

    Kindness should be motivated by others, and should positively affect ourselves by proxy... But sometimes it's not easy to be kind ;) In that case, we should be kind for our own sake, and it will affect others by proxy.

    You have some very good insights here -- I really enjoy what I read here! Thanks for your comment, and for stopping by! :)

    ~Joel -- aside_the_line

  4. Thanks for your thoughtful feedback! I think similar research was done with flowers. Interesting stuff. There's a segment on Emoto's research in the movie Where the Bleep are We?--itself an adventure.

  5. This is a very good thought. A wise one and I like it. Sometimes, even if we always try to have a happy disposition in life when we are surrounded by people who are full of negativity, we tend to get negative too, once in a while. Well, at least I do, blame it to my "water". =)
    Have a great day!

  6. Reminds me of the old saying "A little kindness goes a long way".

  7. We begin our lives immersed in amniotic water and water is a metaphor for our feelings and emotional life.

    Very thought provoking ideas. I also like Joel's idea of being kind to others for our own sake when others are being rude to us. That sounds useful too.

  8. water is important to oour lives. so is our attitude...

  9. Beautiful thoughts for the New Year. Kinds words and good attitude are far more important.

  10. I agree, this is an interesting point of view, and I can totally relate to that one. My husband always says, that people are mirrors, and they reflect the image that is in front of them. I mean, when you smile, it's much easier to get a smile back, and when the whole world smiles with you, life is so much brighter! I don't know if my message comes across the way I want it to, it's a difficult topic.

  11. My friend is a firm believer that words can be more hurtful both in the short term and long term than 'sticks and stones' - as the kids rhyme goes. In light of this research you have to agree - especially when you consider the water content within the human body - as you point out.

    When another friend first told me of this - I had a dream the same night that I had two cups of water and I spoke love to one and hate to the other. The one I spoke love to, froze in a beautiful and simple way - elegant. The other, that I had spoken hate to, had exploded out of the cup and was frozen in an ugly, jaggered fashion.

    His work is on a DVD documentary called 'What the Bleep' which I am yet to see.

    I stopped by here to see your WW post - and couldn't help put contriubte my insights into this as well.

  12. For everysnoflak there is a speck of dirt at its centwer,for real!


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