What a Difference a day Makes in Your Underwear.

What a difference a day makes in your underwear. Yesterday when I was out for my early-a.m. walk, Gary, a neighbor whose yellow Lab is his service dog as well as his personal trainer, advised me I needed to get myself some polypropylene underwear to stay warm. I wasn't sure I wanted to be that close to the Dow Corporation, but I figured I'd look into the matter after I got home and examined my chapped arms and legs. Gary was pretty comfortable when he was talking. It was a summer day for him inside his drawers.

Fast forward to today, and I'm out there in my LL Bean down jacket, Hanes polyester sweats, and my trusty Bean boots. I'm frozen solid in Hanes country and dying to get home when Gary pulls up with his window down and tells me, "Forget the polypropylene; try wool." Then he shows me some knit underwear he just so happened to have sitting on the passenger seat of his car. Somebody out there is knitting Gary his underpants. How good is life with the right people looking after you?

Somewhere between Dow and the Outback where all that lovely Merino wool grows on the backs of sheep to become Gary's undies is good old J.C. Penney and the woolen union suit. That'll do me.
Another day goes by and Ted stops me to talk about the heat wave we're expecting this week. Next thing you know, the topic is his cold-weather lingere of choice--flannel jammies. Much better, he says, because they don't cling like thermals or itch like wool or seal your pores shut like the synthetics.
Anybody have thoughts on silk?


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Vinyl suits under everything work well, too. Keeps your heat in, but you sweat like a dickens. I bet wool does that to you , too.


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