Shooting Stars are out of This World

Here's the final game of the Shooting Stars of Woodbury, Connecticut. They're playing their moms and dads and their coaches. I stayed behind the camera, from which vantage point I couldn't destroy the game for the grown-ups! We've got some great kids in this little town who, like their parents, play to win.


  1. Of course, you know this, as all parents know it.

    * * Preserve these videos. * *

    Not just on the computer. Make multiple copies, and put one in a safe deposit box.

    That's because kids grow up. Yeah, you know that, too.

    But I had four kids; and what you don't know is the incredible, accelerating pace of their growing up. You blink, and, literally, they are * * gone * * !

    A video like this starts out as valuable; and it doubles in value every year. Until the youngster goes to College in Ireland or England, or joins the Navy, or moves to Florida or to Hawaii - as mine all have - when it quadruples each year.

    Great job, Sandy!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Greg! You must be quite a dad.

    Della granted me a reprieve today when she slipped into her 5-year-old fashion sense and put on two pair of very different striped socks. If she remains this kind, my old age will be a breeze!


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