Tigger in the House of D

One day its Webkinz, the next it's Tigger causing nothing but trouble. The latest Educator Control Issue: 14-year-old Toni Kay Scott wore socks sporting the image of Winnie-the-Pooh's orange bouncy buddy to a middle school the dress code of which specifies solid colors only. No logos only. No pictures only.
Violation of this policy at Redwood Middle School in the Napa Valley Unified School District of California wins you detention in a program call Students with Attitude Problems.

The problem as I see it from my side of this crazy continent is the vision problems pervading our educators nationwide. They can't focus, keep their perspective, or see what's important and what's not. They're micromanaging underwear choices, for crying out loud.


  1. I'm amazed that we let these people pick the most miniscule, and easiest areas to target, as their basis to bully our children.

    I am happy to see that the girl is fighting back. A lawsuit filed Monday in Napa County Superior Court says that the dress code is unconstitutionally vague and too restrictive.

    It goes on to say that the policy goes too far and "forces aesthetic conformity in the name of safety", in violation of the California Education Code.

  2. Thanks for that, Greg. A few months ago I decided to not worry about my socks. I can never find the right pair, so I decided to stop letting it be important. I seldom match colors, though styles are usually in the same neighborhood. The really fun thing in all this is that Milne loved to play with kids' perceptions of language and therefore meaning and therefore fun.


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