Truth into Soil


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    With all the pieces you've done these past couple of weeks with clay and the potter on this blog and on You Tube, I can't help thinking of The Heavenly Village and the stops that God makes with Thomas, the resident potter of the Village.

    That chapter, indeed that book, stresses a two-way relationship between people and God, between the clay and the sculptor.

    Does God really need us as we need God? It's an interesting and comforting concept that grows out of the book. It's also a bit surreal, as is the look of this meditation, with the faint movement of the potter's hands.

    Thank you for creating this time for me with myself and my thoughts.

  2. Maybe Thomas the Potter of Cynthia Rylant's book The Heavenly Village is never far from my mind when I'm around pottery. I wonder if it's a need thing or a very irrational like thing, which is somehow better than love. Maybe because it's truly optional.


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