Kids who Paint

I created this a few days after the massacre at Virginia Tech. My heart broke for all who suffered. Nightmares such as this one should cause us to assess all those things about which we complain. It seems to me the best way to honor those who suffer and die as victims of some other person's mental illness is to think how to make life better for all who are here now. One way to do that is to pay attention to the people who are talking to us, even those who talk with paint.


  1. Very nice. I enjoyed the years I spent designing and building scenery for school plays and musicals, and the kids who joined in building and painting.

    How did you get so much concrete in your back yard?

    Do the neighbors complain?

    That would be a lot of Kool-Aid for the kids, no?

  2. Greg,
    I live under the highway now....! Imagine the Kool Aid dude breaking through Interstate 84. This is actually a legal wall in Danbury, Connecticut. Off a main road, it is nonetheless invisible from the road. So graffiti writers who want legal cement go there.

  3. i enjoyed the clip tremendously

    such an enveloping sense of peace

  4. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Anonymous10:42 PM

    where is the legal wall in danbury? is the legal wall in bethel still there?

  6. I've since discovered the Danbury legal spot is no more because some taggers got carried away. Same in Bethel. I'll check out both this week and be back with pictures.


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