Sound Bites: From Grief Comes a Gift

I subscribe to a daily email meditation called Sound Bites that is provided by United Methodist Pastor Dave Wilkinson, Minister of Communications of First United Methodist Church of Green Bay. He started Sound Bites in memory of his son.

Describing the email ministry to 1,750 subscribers and others five days a week, Pastor Dave says: Over the years I have collected quotes that pertain to the Christian faith and life in general. As I have read or studied what others have written, I have been struck by the profound thought that is captured in their few words....During Lent 1999 God prompted me to think about a new idea as to how I might share these thoughts with a broader audience. At the same time, our family was experiencing the first anniversary of the death of our son, Dustin, who died at the age of 16 from a brain tumor. So, beginning on that anniversary, March 29, 1999, we began an email ministry in memory of Dustin that we call "SOUND BITES: Something to chew on that is good for the soul." Hopefully recipients find something of faith and life to think about that feeds their souls and helps them grow spiritually.

This shows that if you want to make a difference, then you can make a difference. Click here to read some of the feedback Pastor Dave received on the anniversary of his son's death this year. Sometimes touching a heart and moving a mountain are about the same thing!


  1. Anonymous3:03 AM

    What a wonderful concept. Loved what was written on their site, open hearts, open minds, open doors, what special words, best wishes, The Artist

  2. This is a beautiful ministry, one to which my husband has been subscribing for some time. Now I get my own copy!


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