Cingular's Curbside Appeal Saves the Day

Learning to drive with my father included one and only one lesson in auto repair: pull over, pop the hood, turn on the emergency flashers, and wait for someone to come. Between the lines: don't touch.

I invoked that lesson yesterday when my car overheated. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather for some roadside lounging. Next, I did what I could not have done 24 years ago, when I was tooling around Danbury in my parents' big brown utility van and the only phone I had was screwed to the kitchen wall. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and called Cingular's Roadside Assistance number. For $2.99 a month, these guys are at my service at times like these.

Some lovely woman helped me get a tow to a garage in Newtown. I mentioned I had to get home to my daughter, and she had me towed within 15 minutes. It was a quick roadside lounge moment, to be sure.

As we pulled into the garage, Roadside called back to make sure I was being helped and that I was safe.

Within the hour, I was home with my daughter to enjoy some beautiful sunshine before her soccer practice. We did the only sensible thing two people with a little free time can do on a sunny spring day: we took the guinea pigs out for a walk in her doll stroller. Passers-by wondered how we could have such furry little relatives but were too polite to ask. One big happy!


  1. Anonymous1:59 AM

    So pleased you were able to call for assistance. Have had my car overheat and it is no fun.

    Absolutely thrilled you are happy with your poster. It is just wonderful to know your images are being enjoyed.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I felt moved to do a little infomercial because the service was so good.

  3. I should NOT let Lacy read your blog.

    Now she wants me to get a guinea pig stroller.

    And a guinea pig(s).

    Good news about Cingular's Roadside. I'll suggest it to my daughter.

  4. Tell Lacey strollers and rodents are for crackpots, not self-respecting retrievers!

  5. Now I realize that I do not know how to make a plural of "guinea pig".

    Is it "guinea pigs", or "guineas pig"?

    Ain't English grand?

    Maybe I'll ask the Queen when she comes to Jamestown. Unless someone makes the connection (as I did) between "Jamestown" and "first Negro slaves in the U.S.".

  6. We need the queen in the vicinity of the OK corral. (I had to look up corral. I wanted to put an e at the end of the thing. Now you've got me going....)

    On the other matter: this is a house of pigs, not guineas, though the queen can bring me a few of those in good, old-fashioned gold!


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