Strange Attractions: Tags on the Brass City's West Main Street

"It washes away," a neighbor remarked to me once a few years ago after she encountered a neighbor who became cranky and loud over some kids' chalk drawings on a sidewalk. "It's--it's graffiti!" he spluttered at her in protest against the degenerate behavior of our preschool population. Clearly, he felt outmanned and overrun by the happy little children responsible for the tulips and smiley faces marking the way to his stoop. They posed a grave threat to the life of his dark mood. (more)


  1. Curioser and curioser.

    I expanded the article, and left a comment.

    When I collapse the article... no comment.

    When I expand the article again . voila! There it is!

    I can become the Masked Commenter! Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

  2. Hi, Greg. Thanks for your comment. I find nobody--not even the great writers--go for the vandalism. Yet, I find when I'm walking around looking at the stuff, I'm intrigued. It's always intersting to follow a writer around town--though this usually takes me way off road.

    When you click "more," you jump to a different page--actually, my Strange Attractions blog. So your comment is on the inside page. The other pages are also linked on my toolbar.

    The Masked Commenter--that would make you the MC! (Could be your graffiti tag--MC, emcee...oh the possibilities!)


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