Republicans Accept Vigilantism a la Lou DeLuca

It's all over when your state lawmaker turns to mafia vigilantes to resolve personal domestic disputes. It's all over when his fellow Republicans lack the temerity to acknowledge that your local lawmaker who has sold out on the rule of law should give up his role as lawmaker.

Yes, it's all up when his party pals and Lion's Club buddies assure you he will be at the Club's Woodbury fundraiser as usual right after he's arrested for conspiring to have someone threatened. Heck, he's a member, one of the boys.

And yes, it's up and over when First Selectman Dick Crane, who isn't seeking reelection anyway, says it would be a shame to lose Lou DeLuca as a lawmaker because he has brought so much money to the area.

State Senator Lou DeLuca has mob connections and has no problem cashing in on the favors he's done his trash hauler magnate buddy James Galante of Danbury to get him to "scare" the man who is allegedly physically abusing his granddaughter.

So great and powerful is this 73-year-old veteran lawmaker, this avid supporter of the NRA and all things to the right, that he has no influence with this bully harming this granddaughter. So great and powerful is he that the police do nothing. So great and powerful is he that he has no other recourse than to turn it over to thugs.

The silence is infuriating. Not a single Republican has come out to say that Lou DeLuca is not representative of law and order, that he is not a role model for your kids and mine. Why? Are they afraid these lovely enforcers of street law will come and pay them the visit DeLuca had hoped the granddaughter's husband would receive?

Why are Republicans so easily cowed?

Lou, if I get fed up with the quality of your representation and I turn to gangsters to pay you a visit and "scare" you without actually harming you--I like you am a decent person and would hate for you to suffer physical pain--will that be okay? (Rhetorical question, Lou. You have nothing to worry about....though money does talk, doesn't it? Just ask Dick Crane (see above).

I had a married-in uncle who was a thug who diminished the quality of life for everyone around him. He was a mafia thug whose face was shot off by his girlfriend with the very gun he secured for her for her own protection. Isn't that ironic?

My grandmother, my beloved and wonderfully outspoken and loving grandmother, called this thug the Thing because he hurt her daughter and her grandchildren. Your behavior puts you in Thing category, Lou. This little anecdote is an example of what happens when you turn to vigilantism. You turn over the rule of law to some illiterate thugs who know the value of a buck and won't let you forget what you owe them, and they own you. You represent me, so they own me, too. See the problem?

You'll do what you have to do to shut them up, make them go away, silence them. You make them our law. That will be okay here in Woodbury, Connecticut, because our Republican leaders are spineless jerks who lack the moral fiber to stand up for the rule of law they purport to represent.

Is an election year coming?


  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    An election year is noy coming soon enough. Usuakky DeLuce runs unopposed. He on't this time.


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