'Theology' from Sinead O'Connor? Amen

Sinead O'Connor's songs have always touched me as hymns to a mighty God. From her first album The Lion and the Cobra through Universal Mother to her singles with Van Morrison or Phil Coulter and on and on, her voice is one of an honest seeker.

The other day USA Today ran a Religion News Service story by reporter Kimberly Winston with the lead, "Sinead O'Connor is not your typical Christian music diva." Right away I was relieved because I thought that must mean she is real, that she lacks pretense. It must mean that she's not afraid of the raw emotion that makes her a human being and transforming it into art. That must mean she makes no false claim to a flawless life. She is no choir girl.

She's fearless. A flawed and beautiful woman, I'm thrilled she's providing more poetry and music for the road we all travel together. Try this song from Theology and be moved. Click here to play more tracks from the album. Click here for her thoughts on faith.


  1. Hi!
    I agree, I just love her music :))
    I tried to load your 'short stories' blog but kept getting an error message (??) I wondered if you got to read my "Twas the night before Christmas" entry? I think it would be something you would like. It is int he December archives from last year.
    Take care, and I always enjoy reading your blog!

  2. very moving music

    being 'real' makes all the difference

  3. Rachelle,
    I tried to get to your blog but couldn't. Would you comment again with the address or email me at writinginfaith@gmail.com. I'd love to read what you wrote. Short stories loaded for me. Wonder what happened? (Blogger was in a mood, maybe?)


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