A Fair Deal Might get you a Square Meal

The Fairness in Farm and Food Policy Amendment currently before Congress would promote conservation and healthy food choices and assist young people who want to start farming. It would restore fairness in the marketplace so family farmers can compete with giant food companies and factory farms. Further, it would put put better food in our schools and rewards farmers who move to sustainable methods. So says Mother Earth.

Current farm policies are misplaced. Taxpayers spend as much as $20 billion annually to subsidize only a few farmers. Crop subsidies damage the environment by placing pressure on sensitive lands such as wetlands and native grasslands, according to the website Environmental Defense.

The Fairness in Farm and Food Policy Amendment being offered by Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) and Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) would better reward farmers for conservation practices, increase assistance to hungry Americans, provide consumers with more food and energy choices, and stop sprawl.

Click here to send a letter to your representative urging him or her to vote in favor of real reform of the 2007 Farm Bill when it comes before the House in the coming days. If you prefer to use the phone, follow these steps provided by Oxfam America:

1. Call 1-800-977-1912 and listen to the prerecorded number.
2. An automated message will tell you what to say.
3. Please enter this six-digit code: 123067.
4. You will be connected to your representative's office.

July 31 update from Oxfam America: Last week, despite thousands of phone calls from Oxfam activists, the House of Representatives missed a historic opportunity to make real reform in US farm policy. Sadly, the House Farm Bill that passed on July 27 simply perpetuates the status quo and ignores the rare opportunity to finally overhaul US trade-distorting subsidies.

We must now focus our hopes for real Farm Bill reform on the Senate. With your help, Oxfam will continue to campaign for a Farm Bill that will do the following:
- Help family farmers;
- Improve conservation;
- Aid rural America;
- Ultimately, do away with the destructive policies that stop farmers in developing countries from sustaining themselves and their families. Click here to find out how you can pressure the Senate to support farmers here and abroad.

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