Patriotic Disney Trivia

Become a "Disney Insider" and you'll always have a little something to talk about at the next back yard picnic. Here are some tidbits that might prove useful today!

1. What Disney movie is set during the American Revolution?
Johnny Tremain
2. What 1953 Disney animated featurette follows church mouse Amos as he helps Benjamin

Franklin write the first words of the Declaration of Independence?
Ben and Me
3. What did Walt Disney do at the end of World War I?

He was a Red Cross ambulance driver in France -- only 16, he had to use a falsified passport application to join.

4. What real-life American historical figure received tribute from Disney as the "King of the Wild Frontier"?

Davy Crockett, the legendary frontiersman, was the subject of a five-episode Disney television series.

5. Which then-Vice-President of the United States took a monorail ride with Walt?
Richard Nixon and Walt Disney hopped on the monorail during its official dedication at Disneyland Park in 1959.
6. Which national honor was awarded to Walt Disney in 1964?
He received the President's Medal of Freedon, the nation's highest civilian honor.

7. Which Disney Princess is based on a real-life American historical figure? Pocahontas,which was inspired by the young Powhatan girl who befriended British colonist John Smith.