The Solutions to the World's Problems Aren't so far Away

The mobius strip--that twisted loop the outside of which is also the inside and vice versa--is a metaphor for our time. As globalization brings us into contact with persons, knowledge, and experiences in far flung regions, we come to realize how important it is to pay attention to what's going on around us; to be present when we are home. Likewise, what is far away is relevant to how we live at home. We can download an exotic recipe and hunt for the ingredients to make it at the local farmer's market. We can generate electricity in our own backyard so we can power the computer. We can find green ways to invest our money with our neighbors for the benefit of our community.

We can read all kinds of online literature about feeding the hungry all over the world through corporate international relief agencies such as World Vision or OxFam. On a personal level, we can read blog stories about simple grass-roots efforts to feed hungry neighbors. The other day Bungi posted a wonderful story on her blog about a local solution to the local need of hungry women who are essentially alone in the world.

Three groups of about 20 women each decided to put by some of their own rice every week and save it together to give it away. Before long, they had 120 kilograms. They found a place from which to distribute the rice, and that's what they did. No fuss, no fanfare, no glitzy email newsletters; nothing like that. Just the gentle insight of another local woman who posted this wonderful story to her blog made of it a gift to the world. From India--so far from little Woodbury, Connecticut--Bungi offers a story of people helping out their neighbors simply, humbly, beautifully. Click here to read the story. You'll be inspired.


  1. Thank you, Sandy! :)
    Still slightly low, but i guess i will be ok soon...

  2. Mahalo for sharing this story. It illustrates how we each can contribute and create solutions.

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The world is so big that sometimes one wonders exactly what difference one can make when attacking a problem. This is an example.


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