The Shadow Line Deserves the Limelight

Chance emails, a children's church choir concert, YouTube posts of those concerts, more chance emails, and before you know it, Lyra, the Russian a cappella group from the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music in Moscow, is part of a magical, wonderful song called "Russian Dolls" on the English indie rock group Story One's second album, The Shadow Line. It's a wonderful album. A preview copy arrived today, and I've played it five or six times. It gets better every time. "Russian Dolls" is my new theme song.

That's the world we live in when it works well. Lyra had sung at St. John's Episcopal Church on the Green in Waterbury last September in a fund-raiser concert for the Chorister Academy, and I filmed pieces of it for the group's blog. Story One picked up on the video and contacted me via the blog's email address for permission to use it. (How and why they picked up on that obscure video remains a mystery to me.)

My inner geek delights in this kind of Internet intimacy among creative people. Take it, use it, transform it, and sing it to the world.

Story One produced its first album, Disposable, in 2005 and made all of the tracks available as a free download via its website. The feedback and word of mouth acclaim paid off so that the group will release its first commercial album on September 17. (more)


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Love the music :o)
    Also visited the sites and they are full of interesting information and more music, brilliant post..Love it!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Colin. I'm loving this group and their website for Disposable. To think I've never visited a MySpace blog before I found this group. There is a selection of music from the new album on the blog, and it's a nice read.


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