Who Pees in Your Pool?

What's better than an early mid-summer morning dip in a pond surrounded by silent, cool pines; empty lifeguard chairs; and cool sand? Perhaps only all that and an early read of the Sunday paper and a preliminary glance at Thich Nhat Hanh's Peace Is Every Step.

You take in the clear and sharp, still yellow light of early morning under a vividly blue sky not yet diminished by August humidity, and you relax while your child looks for fish in the shallow water and builds drippy castles with soft mud and your husband soaks in the sports page.

In Peace you read: "Our senses are our windows to the world, and sometimes the wind blows through them and disturbs everything within us. Some of us leave our windows open all the time, allowing the sights and sounds of the world to invade us, penetrate us, and expose our sad, troubled selves.We feel so cold, lonely, and afraid."

Deal me in, you think, because you get that stuff about the windows. There is peace in your heart because you have just gleaned an insight from the hard-won wisdom of a great teacher. Amen.

And then a boy who is about 10 named Armando comes to the edge of the little pond. He pees. Your husband stops your lovely thoughts and says, "That kid just peed."

You note that Armando is only a few yards from your daughter, whose hands are in the sand. The kid is so uncouth that he 1. doesn't step into the water or behind a tree to be discrete, 2. pees in front of a little girl, and 3. doesn't mind in the least that your husband has just announced to the world that he just peed in the sand.

You want to close those windows, to keep your senses from overloading, but you can't. You say, "Della, that kid just peed; come over here to build castles." Truly and without the slightest doubt you want to smack Armando upside the head. He's disgusting.

Damn. So much for the peace and quiet, the tranquility, the calm, the reconnection with the cosmos that this morning had offered. Armando has arrived.

So we go for a walk, all the while trying to process the idea that a pre-adolescent male doesn't have enough sense to use the restrooms in this obscure little state park. In less obscure parks where the bathrooms are teeming with disease, you might forgive Armando, but not here in the Unknown Forest.

That he is so lazy he just pees where he pleases is unconscionable. Where, oh where, is his mama?
If I had asked the same center-of-the-universe child to stick his face in the toilet bowl, he would likely decline, yet there he is with a dozen of his closest young hooligan relatives peeing in the water where they--and everyone else--would swim.

As we walk, who should come up behind us but Armando and his gang of malcontents. Having bored of terrorizing the Canada geese--or perhaps sensing the manly and determined ire of the strangers swirling around him in response to his antics--Armando is out behind us to reconnect with nature. Hearing his name, we stand aside so we can choose our path free of his influence.

Forever the name Armando will be synonymous with peeing in the pond, peeing in the pool, peeing on your neighbors in sheer disregard for them as human beings, as creatures sharing this space with you.

I need to get back to Hanh's book and relearn the lesson. Persons who meditate well aren't disturbed by the Armando's of the world, so I know I have a ways to go.
Meanwhile, though, I'm wondering why anyone thinks it's okay for anyone else to swim in their pee. My window remains closed on Armando.


  1. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Hi Sandy,
    It really is a sad reflection isn't it. It would seem that many of the young hooligans of today have the same morals as ibibo bloggers, maybe Armando and his cohorts could go and pee in their pond!
    I think the only saving grace is that these morons are in the minority, but sadly they give the whole of their generation a bad name.

  2. Hello, Colin. I did Google search on this topic last night and found nothing serious. Whatever the search terms, silliness or chlorine ads came up.

    What's an ibibo blogger?

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Hi Sandy,
    ibibo bloggers are the ones responsible for spam on BTF, so I did a little research and put a post on BTF Fans.
    For most of us, research is an essential part of creating a post, but there's one on ibibo who claims to have posted 400 posts in one day....and as for quality....it doesn't exist.
    Although they were warned about copy&paste posts previously they are still doing it!!

  4. Thanks. Now I know. I have to wonder about the point of such blogs and the satisfaction they bring to the blogger. I'll have to read your post!

  5. You should have taken a photo of him (even if your camera wasn't working) and told him to look for on the front page tomorrow. Somewhere there is someone who would smack him, so let him think about that!

  6. Hi Sandy -- You have a nice blog, I like your writing, I'm not real good at that.
    Had to stick my two cent's worth in here though, I think most boys pee in the pool. But when they are swiming, not standng.
    Question, do the girls pee there also?
    Chlorine in the public pools keeps us fairly sanitary.
    BTW, I am old, in my 70's, so this is nothing new either. It is sort a part of boy talk, I don't know about the girls.

  7. Thanks for stopping by. I've been taking a straw poll. It seems in my little world as many people pee in ponds and in the ocean as don't. All this data and no place to go!

  8. Enemy of peace, thy name is Armando!

    Well, as much as it put a "damper" on things, don't let it get to you... If Armando keeps this up, one day he'll make a similar mistake in front of someone that will... um... try to ensure he does not repeat the mistake.

    Sometimes, I try to find peace in possible karmic retribution... perhaps one day, someone will pee in Armando's pool.

  9. Re: yes, what is an ibibo blogger?
    curuios...............I like the idae of sending them to the pond to "pee". lol


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