Even After the Deluge, the Crickets Prevail

On the way home from the Bethlehem Fair on Saturday--not long after the deluge; after the lightening that ripped open the sky, turned it purple, and electrified the grass; after the screams of teenagers more frightened than thrilled by the adventure; after the flashing lights of the rides and games; after the animals of every shape and size; and after two doses of fried dough sitting heavy deep inside all of us--the crickets chirped.

And chirped and chirped and chirped. The car was quiet but for the sound of these wide-awake bugs way and away outside in the fields.

"They make a lot of noise," my daughter said. "Sometimes they even keep me awake at night."

Her best friend replied: "You have crickets, but some people have to listen to cars all night. Crickets are better."

"I guess you're right," my daughter said and drifted off to sleep, leaning on her dearest there in the backseat.

Life can be perfect, even when you're soaking wet and your feet stink.


  1. they can be acomfort when you here themout doors but when you get one in a bathtub it is sooooloud

  2. Yup, a safe distance is always a good thing! I don't even want to think about one of these dudes in the tub!

  3. My dad always called it "The night chorus" ... The sound of the crickets, cicadas, tree frogs and whatever else is singing out there is a pleasant and soothing cacophony to my ears!

    My niece, though, when she was visiting me from Ohio found them too noisy. She said it gave her a headache.

    A few years back, too, I had an exchange student living with me for a year. She was truly startled by the night chorus.

    I had thought that these sounds were just everywhere but apparently they aren't.

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    That's a sweet story of two friends and the nights ounds.

  5. "The night chorus" is a great name for the gang of noisy critters! If they could just serenade us with a round of "Good Night, Irene," till the child falls asleep!


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