It's About the Milk

As we recognize the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 debacle, I can't help thinking about the milk. I recall that in the face of that unfathomable nightmare, Americans sent milk to New York City.

This was an enormity around which nobody could reach, so what did we do? We went to the grocery story and shopped for strangers.

Without any orders from anybody, people ran to the store, bought food, and took it to their churches or any other do-gooder organization, and left it for the people of New York.

There was so much food that New York had to take it in trucks to other places. Somehow in the middle of our nightmare we found ourselves caring for the least of our society--the hungriest, the neediest, the most desperate.

I won't see 9/11 hijacked by politicians, celebrities, news networks, or anyone else. I'm going to go to the grocery store, have a good look at the milk, and give something away.

It's about the milk, my friend, the sometimes rare but always beautiful milk of human kindness. Drink with me.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I like that post! Here is to milk! :-)

  2. Nice post, Sandy. For me, I will always remember the papers that survived the collapse.

    Please pour a tall glass for me and we can toast to the spirit of Americans.

  3. You make my eyes well up with this post.

  4. Great post! We were stationed in Germany six years ago, so I have never heard of the 'milk' story. Simply beautiful!

  5. Anonymous4:36 PM

    So beautiful! Cheers with white mustaches! Thanks for visiting

  6. Thanks, all, for stopping by and commenting. God bless.


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