Bathing the Rodents in Your Life

"Got to get home to scrub the guinea pigs," I said to Gary tonight when I was out for my walk. I didn't slow down.

"Washing rodents?" he laughed. "I'm off to a tropical island where I can sip cool, refreshing drinks." (He was taking his yellow Lab for his evening constitutional, actually.)

"We know how to live!"

Life revolves around the critters sometimes. Why not?

Those little guys just sit in the palm of her hand and accept her kindness. The trick is to help them feel they have a secure footing. Once they know they're safe and steady, they're calm as can be. Here's a video of our bathing beauties. If you have 2.6 minutes, she can show you how it's done by a pro.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    A wonderful, wonderful movie! Adella is so gentle with them, her hands reassuring them. She doesn't scare them by washing their faces, and she doesn't seem to get scratched, either!

    I gave Lacy a bath on a warm day last week - outside, to keep the trailer a little clean. Then, she got her annual check up at the vet a day before I got mine at the doctor! (That's the priorities around here.)

    A guy at work said I would be the guinea pig to try out a new system. I told him I would be their "test pilot" instead.

  2. Thanks, Greg! I cut many minutes from this little video. It amuses me to watch the way the animals look skinnier and skinnier as their fur loses its bounce! Watching through the camera made me realize how gentle she is with them. Those little hands are full of kindness.

    I'm going with the "test pilot" line next time I need it. While I respect our little furry dudes, it's right to keep things in perspective--especially if we want to earn a living!


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