There is a perfect time to walk:
At the end of daylight
As the trees are losing leaves
And you can see sky
As the last stream of light
Folds into the cold darkness

All creation is abstract
Including you
And all you can do
In your imagination
Is to breathe life anew
Into all creation

Otherwise you cannot know
Where one tree ends
And another begins

It is a beautiful thing
To be at once a part of this
Indistinguishable and perfect
Mass of life
And to dream
Of another perfection
In the light.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    You have a great gift and a wonderful insight. Keep up the good work

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Most excellent!

    Vespers in the Anglican tradition originally combined Catholic Vespers (evening song) and Compline (night song). In the Benedectine tradition, my favorite was Compline, because it started the silent nightime contemplation of God. Vespers is often the more beautiful, to me.

  3. Thanks Greg. These are beautiful services. When I'm outside in the evening, the darkening world is the music. It's wonderful.

  4. What a talent you have!!

    Please stop by my blog to learn more about an Activity Menu Challenge that is taking place tomorrow.


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