What Do You Think You're Doing?

A Sunday school teacher is trying to deliver a lesson to her class of small children. At one of the tables sits Mary, who is drawing a picture. "Mary, what are you doing?"

"Drawing," Mary replies without looking up.

A few minutes go by and the teacher asks again, "Mary, what are you doing?"

"Drawing," says Mary.

"Yes, but what are you drawing?"

"It's a picture of God," Mary says, still hard at work.

"Mary. That's not possible. Nobody has ever seen the face of God," the teacher admonishes.

"They will when I'm finished," Mary replies.


  1. There ya go! That chalk drawing on the sidewalk, reminds me of my girls (twins, 15 years old). They are deep into art in highschool and last weekend they participated in the Art Fest the schools put on - where they go downtown and draw like this with chalk on the sidewalks in a busy part of downtown. It's very cool. Cute post. Have a good weekend. See ya.

  2. I love that!! I think children have a greater sense of God than we do sometimes. My kids love sidewalk chalk and it is great to see the things that their hearts imagine scribbled on the driveway!

  3. kids are the sweetst!!! :)

  4. Anonymous10:23 PM

    awww very sweet.

  5. Anonymous11:46 PM

    I love this. I wish the child had been drawing Jesus and our soul, too.

  6. hi! Although I like your blog, I haven't visited for a while. Love this short story. Very profound. The Bible says we have to be child-like to see and know God. It's true!

  7. wonderful blog.At times we can learn from kids.


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