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I slipped into my daughter's bedroom Monday morning to kiss her on the forehead before I left for work. She did not open her eyes, but she stirred a bit; I crept out before I disturbed her slumber. Looking at her in that brief moment brought to mind my memory of the first time she smiled at me.

She lay in her crib that stood where the bed stands now. She just more than two months old and had awoken from a nap--the only nap she would ever take in a crib. I came up to get her, and she stretched out and smiled at me. Her eyes were still blue, and her toothless smile sweeter than any I had ever seen before or have seen since. Her face was full of the bright peace that comes with a good rest. There was nothing else to do that winter but be with my baby.

"I hope it snows this week," I said to myself as I got into my car. I wanted a snow day off from school. Then, on Tuesday, Bill the Security Guy at our church told me he doubted we'd be back on Thursday for choir practice because snow was coming. The big kind of snow that keeps everybody in, Bill predicted.

"See you next week," he smiled as we left the church after practice.
Mother Nature made good on Bill's promise early Thursday morning, and Della and I had our snow day. We ran to the store to buy the few things we didn't need because it seems that running to the store and buying something--in our case, sugar to make Christmas cookies--is part of the ritual of preparing for snow.

Snow, the great leveler, bids everyone stop what they're doing, go to the store, and get home, it seems. There high-powered lawyers ran alongside humble housewives to get storm rations. Everyone spoke to everyone else and speculated on the amount of snow we'd get and how much more would come with the next storm on Saturday. It was busy, intense, and very friendly.

At home, we drank chocolate, attempted to slide in the snow, made cookies and pumpkin bread,
assembled a few Christmas tree ornaments, sang carols to the guinea pigs, and watched Holiday Inn, Frosty, Rudolph, Jack Frost, and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

We watched the big world beyond our little door from the window as Mother Natured tucked us all under a white blanket for a nice winter's nap.

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  1. so sweet... this is a true blessing!

  2. I can identify with the post. For the last fortnight, every time it is overcast, I go to bed secretly hoping for snow in the morning so that I can take a "snow" leave.

    Hasn't happened till now this year, buy hope sustains life. :)

    Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week ahead.

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    A lovely post for the blessing that snow can bring. We I think we need a couple of more big whallops than we get each winter.

  4. I'm noticing a trend today... :)

    This is funny... as I honestly didn't read anyone else's BYB... and yet... :)

  5. That is beautiful. What a blessing it is to get snow days, and to get to be home doing what you and your daughter did.

  6. Well, when I put my post up last night, I looked for those who were also early birds and no one else had yet written about snow like me. That is quite different today! Ü I guess its on our minds with it happening in many places this month. BUT if you noticed, although I wrote about snow, my blessing I focused on was patience. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I've heard that you're getting hit with a huge cold spell. Glad you're nestled in safe and warm! Happy BYB Sunday!

  8. It's easy to get all caught up in the inconvenience of snow. This is a great reminder that it is also a blessing. And besides, if this keeps up the farmers here will have plenty of runnoff in the spring, and they really need a good year after several bad ones.

  9. simple yet simply amazing

    really feel at peace reading through the post


  10. Nice post! We'd love a little snow here.


  12. I've never seen snow up close. Being from California and now in Arizona it doesn't snow where I live. Up north it does, but we never make it up there.

    Happy BYB.

  13. What a beautiful post about snow! I live in So. California where, we have to drive to the mountains to see snow. You can enjoy snow right where you live. The blessing of snow is a new new perspective.

  14. I so wish we had a snow day or too - just to give us time to slow down and enjoy this time of the year.

  15. :lol: Snow must be some kind of blessing in disguise for me.


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