Thursday Thirteen No. 14: Fairies

From Ireland this Christmas came Fairies, a book of 12 art reproductions of famous illustrations of these diminutive, magical beings. This big, beautiful book provided a visual feast on this special day.

Since she as three, my daughter has enjoyed being a flower fairy, making homes for them in the woods, and reading about them. To her already vast store of knowledge this wonderful book added the following.

The Artists
1. The Victorian Era was the heyday of flower fairy art.

2. The public's interest in fairies coincided with a growing interest in the occult and spiritualism.

3. Artists of the time were also looking for a change in theme from classical and biblical subjects.

4. Though painting nudes was taboo during the Victorian era, artists such as John Simmons got around this dilemma by painting fairies.

5. Artists during this time paid close attention to detail, being sure to depict plant and insect life accurately.

6. The beauty of the fairies can entice humans into their world, from which there is no escape. (more)


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    Hi! Happy New Year!Great post.
    I like your WW picture too!

  2. Great post!!! Happy TT and Happy Holidays!!!! :)

  3. #4 was my favorite. Artists always find a way around the rules to express themselves, don't they? (Thanks for visiting my TT)

  4. Wow, what cool stuff. Thanks for sharing. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. It always puts a smile on my face:)

  5. Those aren't the fairies I know...Thanks for enlightening me!

  6. An excellent list. Love fairies. :)

  7. Ach, and I love this, Sandy! My ethnic background is Irish and fairies are a part of our oral and literary traditions... Your post made me smile. :)

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