Who Stands Where You Stand?

Do you have any idea which presidential hopeful supports the issues you care about?

Glassbooth.org is a website that can help you find out which presidential hopeful shares your concerns and has actually said or done something in the interest of those concerns.

The site will ask you to identify your concerns from among the major issues on which we vote--education, health care, the environment, and so on--and then identify where you stand on some related issues. In a matter of seconds, you'll find out which three candidate wannabes come closest to where you stand.

Click another button, and you can read up on what this politician has said and done about this issue.

Glassbooth is easy, objective, and worth five minutes. The site will save you from wading through editorials, sitting through news programs, and sifting through news stories. Glassbooth's site identifies itself as "a nonprofit organization that is creating innovative ways to access political information." The organization says it is not affiliated with any political party, political organization, or ideology. Further,

Glassbooth says, "We are deeply committed to improving democracy and education in the United States and begin this process with glassbooth.org. Innovation and access are the cornerstones of our development, we are always thinking of the next great improvement to democracy in the United States. Please stay posted for future tools and initiatives." Click here to have a look.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up. This is exactly the kind of thing I need!

  2. Me too! I'm on my way to check it out.

  3. thanks for sharing that i will check it out as well.
    Thanks for the information on the slide show.. Still new at all this new stuff so will check it out. Again thank you.

  4. Sure Sandy you may join the parade. Would love to see your tree ;) Have a great day!


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