One Single Impression: Folly

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Is it folly
To soar, swift and sudden, into the sky

On waxen wings

To melt and burn, fall and die

Trying to satisfy an ache you cannot name?

I think so.

Better to drift into warm air

Look into the face of the sun

And kiss it long and slow

Trying to satisfy an ache you cannot name.

Melt if you must.

Burn if you must.

Fall if you must.

Die if you must.

That may be your folly.

Or kiss. Long and slow.

Then dissolve if you must

Into the ache and mystery

That longs for your love.

Love it and name it

If you must.

The name is your own.

One Single Impression


  1. Hummmmm. I think I agree. But I'm still contemplating.

  2. A spectacular image and the poem is something extraordinary.
    Always thanks for your your kind comments, Sandy.
    "What was there before the Universe?", was the question in my yesterday's comment. Well, I think there is no answer because the time gliding began with the Universe, and we can't speak about the before the beginning of time.

  3. Anonymous1:23 AM

    ..what is poetry if not thought_and beautiful thoughts make beautiful poetry_..many thanks for a poem that is gently burning..

  4. Anonymous1:29 AM

    [ delicate graphics..]

  5. What a beautiful echo of the Icarus story! Deep and reflective!

  6. Anonymous2:32 AM

    very lovely!!!

  7. Your poetry is like a memoir of the first part of my adult life... only beautiful!

  8. The infinite ache.... such a powerful and wonderful You, Sandy.

  9. So much for struggling with folly!! You are an amazing poet and thinker.

  10. Anonymous8:01 AM

    "That may be your folly... if you must".
    Gret shot and poem.

  11. WOW Sandy! Amazing poem! You are soooo talented!

  12. strong images, enjoyed your poem-makes you think

  13. Anonymous10:21 AM

    It would be folly for me to adequately define the brilliance of this poem.

  14. Sandy, beautiful and sensual poetry! Love the allusion to Icarus... :)

  15. Ikarus and WSF - nice combinaton

  16. Fly in joy, write in faith and love like the sun will always shine on your soul. Peace, JP/deb

  17. You always write with such passion and beauty. One of my favorite poems in the world is W.H.Auden's Icarus poem (Musee de Beaux Arts). You raise interesting questions here and I'm not sure if I agree or disagree with your answers. Both probably because most of life is paradox.

  18. That's a beautiful shot and poem. I agree so much with what you said in the poem.

  19. Very good Sandy. Very good. Pappy

  20. Fantastic image! Way to capture the light! :) And the poem is wonderful!
    Have a beautiful week!

  21. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Breathtaking, and I mean that as no exaggeration. This poem really caught me, it's one to hold breath on, pause (read), savor, then exhale.

  22. Interesting piece of work!! Beautiful photos.

  23. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Very beautiful thoughts..It has a great flow. I like. Burn, I must!

    yellowed piece of paper

  24. The conflict between the choice of youth and maturity often dances along the edge of folly.

  25. What a contrast to the youth and the aged. Youth tends to dash strongly ahead where the seasoned ones tend to let it all soak in and go with the flow. Beautifully written and thought out, Sandy. I could so relate to this poem. Excellent!

  26. A beautiful romantic poem Sandy. Just beautiful!

  27. Anonymous2:47 PM

    A wonderful poem of the victory found in surrender.

  28. lovely thoughts on the Mystery

  29. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I am the kind that soars first and thinks later, so it is a wonder I haven't melted already.
    Your poem makes me think hard on this subject.

  30. What lovely words.

  31. Sometimes it's folly not to partake.
    Immagine if we never took chances. I committed that folly too much.
    Thank You for such a great poem.

  32. This warms me very much. Gorgeous.

  33. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Beautiful message here Sandy. I have to confess, i have made many compulsive decisions throughout life. Thanks for this.

    OSI has made me think like i haven't in years. Thanks for your comment on my blog! It made my day! Blessings

  34. Oh, wonderful wonderful Sandy. Your images are breathtaking.
    I am rusty and did not put any joy into the prompt.
    I am glad to be home once more.


  35. Sandy, this is well written and speaks to the heart of longing and desire! It is how I feel sometimes when I want to rise above the ordinary and shine. You have outshone yourself today with this poem. I absoluttley LOVE IT!

  36. Beautiful sky over the ocean and wonderful poem …
    Methinks you saw my architectural OSI Folly post at Small Reflections, but not the one here at Sacred Ruminations.
    Hugs and blessings,


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