One Single Impression: Resolve

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This week's prompt at One Single Impression is resolve, so I had a look at this word's meaning at Etymology Online and found: "resolve (v.) c.1374, from L. resolvere "to loosen, undo, settle," from re-, intensive prefix, + solvere "loosen" (see solve). Same sense evolution as in resolution. The noun meaning "determination" is first recorded 1592."

Not what I expected. Here are two poems that express my new understanding of this old word.

Each day
The life you have lived
Is filtered through your soul
Like light that moves so gently
Through soft mountains of clouds
And streams dawn onto the day,
Turning and yielding to the breath of dawn
And being shaped anew in each moment.

It is good.

Love your life well.
Be resolved;
Be happy.

My resolution

Is not the last word but the first:
Breathe. Dear one, you are free.

You are free. So breathe;
Fly into the universe
That bears your name.

One Single Impression


  1. Sandy, fantastic picture and poem. Your posts are always splendid.
    I speak fervidly about Lourdes because I have been there several times as a pilgrim and with the sick persons.
    I think that Lourdes is really a piece of Heaven on the earth where we find the love of God, the Gospel, the prayer. The conversions are a great many and the miraculous recoveries are over 7000.
    In the third apparition the Virgin Mary said to Bernadette: "I don't promise to make you happy in this world, but in the other": Bernadette had a very afflicted and short life indeed (she suffered from asthma since childhood and died at the age of 35 among great sufferings and incomprehensions). The Pope in his pilgrimage of september will surely mention Bernadette, who was canonized in 1933.

  2. Sandy, this is great! I had heard something just about like this today in a letter from a brother who lives in France and could not come to his sister's funeral three weeks ago.

    He wrote that his sister now lives (here on earth) in the memories of her friends. He said it better than that, but I didn't memorize it.
    I have given you "You Give Me Happy Feet" award. I know, Mary gave it to you already, but you are there for me in blogging and she didn't say I couldn't repeat give it. I even gave it to myself again!
    Come get it again from my Little Photo Place but you know the rules!

  3. I like your poem. Fantastic shot.

  4. Your poem and this incredible photo are wonderful. This photo would be perfect for Sky Watch, too.

  5. Beautiful colours in the photo and a lovely true poem, well done!

  6. Breathe. This poem is like a gift, a promise, an instruction, a prayer. It's encouraging, uplifting and inspiring. I love the imagery from the very first 3 lines - life is filtered through our souls. Just amazing. I think this is my favorite poem of yours.

  7. Beautiful words, and the colour in that picture is breathtaking.

  8. Your poem is so beautiful and prayerful, almost in homage to the delightful pic!

    Loved experiencing this!

  9. Anonymous6:39 AM

    ..poem 2:
    "Fly into the universe
    That bears your name"~this notion of elevation is a natural follow-up of the first -poem 1:
    "Turning and yielding to the breath of dawn
    And being shaped anew in each moment"
    -two gentle poems that address the two meanings of one word..many thanks..

  10. Your photo could almost make me like clouds (and that's an achievement!)

    I've bookmarked this post, to linger more over your first poem later when I have more peace: an amazing amount of truth and revelation in such a single powerful image, and I want to sit a while and consider my own life in this light. Thank you for sharing these!

  11. Your perspective is awesome here Sandy! How different we all would look at life, with "new understanding" This leaves me feeling content. Thanks for the beautiful Sunday morning wisdom!

  12. This poem speaks volumes to my soul.

    Wonderfully thought, felt, and written dearest Sandy!

  13. The freedom of these pieces is acute.

  14. Breathe, live the free unbridled life

  15. I would have never thought about "loosen" as a word to define "resolve." Good work, Sandy! The new definition allowed a new poem. :)

  16. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I so enjoyed this post - not only for the beauty of your words, but also because I learned from your journey into the word origin.

  17. Oh how lovely Sandy. And so much good advice in your words. Great photo too...Resolve, there still time to jump in for this prompt? Maybe I still will write something; its a good one.

  18. "Fly into the universe that bears your name." Exquiste. Your poems are always wonderful.

  19. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Loved them both-but the first one-I think I'll make that my mantra for the coming months. So Thank you!!

  20. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I also learned a new way to think of 'resolve'. The second certainly lives up to the image of loosening.

  21. "..the life you have lived is filtered through your soul" Very touching and illuminating words, let your light shine through.

  22. Awesome photo and I liked both. Very positve.

  23. Gorgeous poetry ... I needed these words today ... needed the resolve that frees my soul. Peace, JP/deb

  24. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I can live with that meaning of resolve. Your poem expresses it beautifully.

  25. Inspiring, for sure! Thank you!

  26. "Turning and yielding to the breath of dawn
    And being shaped anew in each moment." Oh my goodness. Those lines simply shine in the heart.

  27. "Fly into the universe that bears your name" is stunning.

    And thanks for the re-education on the definition.

  28. Anonymous5:50 PM

    these are beautiful and uplifting.
    they make me feel light.


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