One Single Impression: Spectacle

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I make a spectacle of myself
In the rain.

The neighbors tell me so

Whenever they see me

And they feel like saying something.

"You're the woman who walks

In the pouring rain,"
They say to me

Even if rain hasn't fallen for weeks.

"You walk in the rain. All the time."

As if I didn't know, they tell me

And they smile that smile.

"That's me," I say. "That's me you see."

They never ask why

And I never tell them

I walk in the pouring rain.

I will tell you, though:

I like the cool sting of the water

As it penetrates my clothes

And soaks me through.

I feel invisible and light and miles away then.

And I like the taste

Of rain that finds its way

To my mouth as it slides down my face.

The taste is sweet.

Their smiles tell me I have nothing to say.
They are right.
There is no explaining
The complete joy

Of being overwhelmed

By something so beautiful

And so very ordinary

As a down pour.

One Single Impression


  1. Nothing better than walking in is so very peaceful to me.

  2. These water droplets are spectacular. lovely poem too!

  3. something so beautiful. something ordinary. that's the best part.

  4. Here in the Uk we do much walking in the rain,but I enjoy itvery much. loved your poem thanks for sharing.


  5. Beautiful! it's a long time since I walked in the rain but I will do it soon.

  6. Beautifully put. I've enjoyed getting soaked in the odd downpour myself, too.

  7. Very nice poem. Have a great Sunday. Pappy

  8. Do you really do that? Cool! Most of us spend our energy trying to get out of the rain. I've never stopped to just see what it would feel like to walk in it and relish the feeling.

    Your poem is beautiful -D

  9. Bravo to your walk in the rain!

  10. Beautiful, Sandy! Both the image and the poem!

  11. love your poem-the images the feelings captured perfectly and the photo is exquisite. thanks for a lovely sabbath day start.

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  13. How in tune you are with nature, Sandy! I confess that I am one who covers my head and runs in the rain... unless I have an umbrella!

  14. Anonymous10:59 AM

    and I'm thinking that they want to walk in the rain also and they know why you are. It's a marvelous poem, Sandy. The mixture of rhythms is engaging.

  15. I don't like to be in the rain now BUT when I was a child, we used to go buy an ice cream cone from the A and W Root Beer stand at the corner and stand in the rain eating it.

    Nice poem tho.

    My BYB us up now.

  16. Oh, oh those neighbors, I have been there! :-) 'They ask no questions', how wonderful and at the same time how telling is this statement. I love your walking in the rain poem; it is touching and completes something within me; it speaks of understanding.

  17. You really should be published. Well, maybe you are. You are such a gifted poet. I always love your poems. I sense in your description of your neighbors the shy admiration of those of us who don't quite have the spirit/courage to take that walk in the rain... but really want to.

  18. Anonymous11:50 AM

    The rain calls to me too!

  19. I absolutely loved this Sandy!

    I LOVE rain and so true...too many people think that's a strange element to love. Your descriptive words made me feel like I was walking along with you. Gorgeous photo too. Thanks for making my Sunday morning.


  20. Anonymous12:31 PM

    We have had so little rain here this summer (and the last, too) that everything is wilting, shedding leaves early before they can even turn. You lush photo and even lusher words are like manna. I so enjoyed and was refreshed by them. When it doesn finally rain here, you'll know where to find me.

  21. Anonymous12:46 PM

    ..for some strange reason ur poem has the sentimental feel of the black & white movies..lovely poem..many thanks..

  22. Thank you for dropping into "My World" and the kind comment.
    much appreciated.


  23. Exquisite! I love the interplay between the walker and the watchers ... they never think to ask why.


  24. Hi Sandy, this is a very nice poem. Nice for me becuase back when I ran, I liked to run in the rain.
    Running that way produced a feeling I couldn't describe, you did it fine with your poem.
    I wasn't thinking spectacle, no one said anything to me, some may have just looked at me a little funny.
    Anyway, I loved it. I'm sure walking in the rain is just as nice except you don't go so far.
    Thank you.
    No poem for me so far, I'll post the link if I get one.

  25. I enjoyed your botanical poetry with all the tiny drops of water.
    Beautiful! Lovely poem too-you put alot of effort into that and it shows.

  26. Beautiful opening line and I love the image. Thanks for the read.

  27. Sandy, I love this. I love the rain and I have such good memories of rain from my childhood. To this day, some of my favorite days are when it rains outside. I love being cuddled up on the couch with a good book in my hand and listening to the rain. It has a language all of its own.

    Very beautiful post!

  28. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Enjoy it! I love to be out in the wind, even in the woods. Something about experiencing the elements feels so good.

  29. Nothing can compare with the joy of walking in the rains. You brought that feeling so well...

  30. great poem.. have a lovely day!

  31. Oh Sandy that was just ---.. so--- descriptive I love it--too, I used to love running in it when I was young and as a young Mom I would take my kids rain walking and people would always stare but we enjoyed the moment and it was much more fun that a normal walk==now that my nest is all but empty I let the rain refresh and remind me:)

  32. Amazing poem and sensation.

  33. Beautiful poem, Sandy!
    I so enjoyed this, you have no idea!

  34. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Your poem brought back memories of walking through the rain in Texas with my daughter when she was two. What a wonderful sensory experience and you wrote about it perfectly.

  35. This somehow has a cleansing effect as I read it. I enjoy the reaction of the townsfolk - to me they seem to be vicariously enjoying your daringness. They resemble the cast of "Under Milk Wood" - you use them to hint of madness whether lightly or seriously. A nicely complex verse, Sandy.

    I do like the beads of moisture on the plant. Is it some sort of aloe vera?

  36. Interesting. I do not like to walk in the rain. I like to watch the rain from the safety of my porch or vehicle. I think it's cool that you enjoy the drops so much, I'll send you some of mine. :)

  37. Hey Sandy, on Sunday we went out on the motorbike with our neighbours...they were out on theirs. We arrived in York and hey ho it started to rain. We drove home in torrential rain. We pulled up outside the neighbours, and guess what we were all doing? Laughing! LOL!
    Our leathers etc etc are still drying out!


  38. Sandy, this is just lovely. I too love to walk in the rain. That's where one can forget and forgive. To forgive frees the soul. Beautiful.....


  39. I like the image you sketched with the poem, very inspiring :-D
    Being able to love walking in the rain is a talent, and a necessary talent sometimes!

  40. Anonymous1:43 PM

    You are a lovely person to get to know. I will think of you the next time it rains.

  41. Walking in the rain is cleansing isn't it? Your poem is extraordinary! So in tune with life. I must admit, I look forward to playing in the puddles after the storm. Thank you for this.

  42. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Dear Sandy--
    I'd love to walk in the rain with you! And dance in the puddles, perchance...

    Thanks for this lovely piece--it made me smile too.

    Thanks also for visiting the Virtual Tea House and your sweet comment!


  43. Wow, Sandy, you continue to amaze me. I'd be happy to join you on your next walk through the downpour. It's when I most enjoy walking my mutton head.

  44. I read this earlier - it is such a wonderful expression of freedom.

    Beautiful writing as always, with a perfect photo to illustrate.

  45. that plant must be in a sprinkler... we dont get rain around these parts in the summer

  46. you know, i believe that when one walks in the rain, it is truly one of the most alive moments of life...your words are magical!

  47. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I just love this because I just love walking in the rain and you expressed my feelings so perfectly!!


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