One Single Impression: Defenses Down

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A flower opens itself
As a woman opens to her lover--

All defenses down,

He said.

Such requisite vulnerability...

Is a ridiculous idea,
I thought,

And I sought to run down
The metaphor:

What lover?
I asked.
The sun that feeds her?
The bee that claims her nectar?

The air that carries away

Every other possibility of new life

From deep within the flower?

Well, yes,

He said.

The earth is her lover.

It takes everything from her,

I said.

And then
he whispered:
And she lives forever


For that lover

Who is she,


She doesn't

Know the difference,

Never pushes him away.

And I was quiet.


  1. Hi Sandy, very nice. I can see where this one is going, so far one, two, three. Nicole (Raven), you, me.
    Evidently three great minds are defending against temptation of the bodily desire fulfillment. (Mine is more guarded, veiled for the little ones.)

  2. You always amaze me with your splendid poems, Sandy. I'll read this poem offline in order to enjoy it better.
    Reading the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin on your sidebar, I say once again: how true they are!

  3. Beautiful. I find that the earth takes from her but also gives her life.

    Love is crazy. You give everything, at risk of losing it all, are vulnerable to the point where you can be taken advantage of but the beautiful thing about it is the trust and that's what makes you come alive. Love exposes everything and leaves you at risk for death but at the same time, makes you immortal.

    One of my teammates says that vulnerability is where we find our great strength. I now agree with that assertion........

  4. Anonymous1:17 AM

    I like the nasturtium photo. I think it's a very under-rated flower. Almost orchid-like in its complexity of form and color. And they smell good, too, as well as being edible. A superior flower.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. The metaphor of earth as lover is well and strongly developed, Sandy. However, to me the words of the man in the text are self-serving. Was this your intent? I like the way you have distinguished and interleaved speach and prose.

  6. This is very nice poem I like the end, it goes with the photo well too!

  7. Anonymous3:09 AM

    ..a beautiful poem.that being that~read in the context of existentialism or feminism[may just not be intended in the writing]-allows for open ended thought..many thanks..

  8. I thought the flower metaphor was very effective. Nice Work!
    Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Love indeed is a complicated business. I tell Jon everyday I love him, and indeed I do. He replies he loves me too. Simple, uncomplicated really....

    Thanks for making me think!

  10. It's beautiful. The paragraphs are sweet and vulnerable like each flower petal.

    But it wouldn't be complete if I didn't disagree a little: I think she does push the lover away. Or the husband. The earth is her husband and the sun is her lover.

  11. well beautifully done and open enough to get others thinking. love the metaphor and thoughts. i read he has God.

  12. Loved that. Such a perfect explanation of the bonding of nature.

  13. That has quieted me too.
    Beautiful Sandy.

  14. This poem seems to spark so many conflicting ideas, and that perhaps is its beauty and its charm. Yes, as someone wrote, the man seems self-serving, if you choose to look at that in a certain way, and the woman/flower seems cautious and guarded. However, I saw the poem as going beyond those things and being incredibly passionate and promising as an "eyes wide open" lover with much to give and much to get.

  15. Absolutely beautiful, Sandy! :)

  16. I, too, love the flower metaphor. In the eternal hope of loving completely, one must give everything in order to get everything in return. Quite wonderful, Sandy!

  17. One might also say that the earth gives all to the flower.

  18. That is just beautiful!

  19. Anonymous12:08 PM

    For me the challenge is to open yourself without losing yourself. To be able to let your defences down is amazing and wonderful, but it is important to choose when to do so and not just let anyone in!

  20. That was beautiful... And thanks for dropping by to ask about me... I am doing good, though slightly caught up in the middle of some transitioning... Otherwise all well. Hope all is well with you. :-)

  21. Anonymous12:40 PM

    So beautifully imagined and crafted! Your words never fail to delight, challenge and reward.

  22. I don't get "she doesn't know the difference" but I don't have to understand it all to appreciate it. Thanks for the read.

  23. Such a meaningful piece Sandy. I too love the metphor. Thank you!

  24. Anonymous1:34 PM

    A lesson in this one. Very nice, Sandy.

  25. Very thought provoking... and deep as always.

  26. A tender and intriguing poem. It makes me pause and causes me to ponder its meaning. I like the final line, for it seems the conversation has had the same affect on the speaker. As for vulnerability, it seems our minds have traveled in the same direction this week and all loves are not lovers.

  27. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Very thought provoking poem-in fact I know I'll be thinking about it for a while.

    Nasturtiums are among my favorite flowers.

  28. Oh my- this was beautiful. So full of meaning...
    This was my first visit here and to One Single Impression and I am happy to be a part of this group...

  29. Sandy,

    as the man who is responsible for the man's point of view on this:In order to be truly happy. one must open up and dare to be free to laugh and Love! Thank you for letting me be part of that transition into the light!

  30. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Thank you, Sandy. You are always a delight.

  31. Very good one; deep and thoughtful...; loved reading it slowly...with pauses... and at the same time racing through...for the next word...

    Nice poem.

  32. To give all requires a level playing field with no walls built between. This was a lovely read.

  33. Love the pacing, and love that you said you were quiet at the end. that search for quietude speaks to me, a yearning for stillness. I love that.

  34. I don't think that the earth takes everything from her. I think that the earth nourishes her, and holds her to him, so they can both nourish each other. At least I hope that's the case. I hope that love doesn't consume one or the other partner.

  35. I have some flowers like this, not sure what they are though. Love your poem, seems pretty accurate. :)

  36. Sandy: A beautiful poem of love, thanks for sharing.

  37. Love the shot of the nasturtium!

  38. That is lovely - both the photo and poem.

  39. Yes, I would have nothing more to say to that.

    It's a lovely, thoughtful poem, Sandy.

  40. Anonymous7:04 PM

    flowers beautifully portray a woman's strength and fragility.. you sang the song with wisdom...

  41. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Wow that's beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I'm so in love with this poem. I suppose vulnerability touches everone; less we live like the flower. Thanks for creating and sharing! Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . CordieB

  42. Sandy, WOW WOW WOW! This is excellent. What beauty in every word. Spoken like a true "lover".
    Just wonderful, thank you for sharing this.


  43. I just love all your photos of flowers. Gorgeous! Every single one of them.


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