One Single Impression: Disguise

Treetops swayed in the November wind
Swayed into darkness

With the music of storms

Music was the partner of night

Stripped bare in the dance

Bare yet rooted yet reaching

Rooted deeper into the unfathomable

Deep and naked night

The clothes of day lay at my feet

Crumpled, wet,and ruined

Crumpled, wet, and ruined

I stood as a silent intruder

One late October evening

Disguised, as I said,

As November.

And I had nothing to say


No need to speak.

Nothing to disguise.

One Single Impression


  1. Sandy, this is beautiful, piercing. I love your poetry.

    I've been having a little trouble getting your blog, or rather today I got a slew of your posts, but when I go into your blog they're not there. When I pull them up individually they are. Maybe you were scheduling them to post and there was a glitch?


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