Thursday Thirteen: Word is the Word

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An eighth-grade girl counts off the languages of which she has some knowledge: "I speak English, Spanish, French, Italian..."
Her boyfriend smiles and looks up from the desk where he rests his head. "Yeah?"

"You know it!"

He is not finished: "Yeah? You speak Ghetto?"

She isn't finished, either: "I'm speaking to you, ain't I?"

Ghetto, the language of Over There. I am learning to understand the speak if not speak the speak, one word at a time. Today's word is Word. In the beginning was the Word. Much later, the Word was made flesh. And the word is forever. In the ghetto, as in the church, the word is everything:

1. Word: "Hello."
2. Word: "I agree."
3. Word: "I am favorably impressed."

4. Word: "Really?"

5. Word: "I am indifferent."

6. Word: "I approve."

7. Word: "Hell, yes."

8. Word: "Promise of Truth."

9. Word: "You can say that again."

10. Word: "You're not kidding."

11. Word: "Absolute Truth."

12. Word: "Word of God."

13. Word: "Yes."

Thank you, Urban Dictionary, for leading me out of the linguistic wilderness. Word up.

Thursday Thirteen


  1. WORD is indeed a marvellous word!

    I love your quick-witted student; what a comeback. That's the answer I would have only thought of in the bath later that night, and said 'Dang' at the lost opportunity. She's good!

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I love the urban dictionary! I learn so much with the word of the day. Of course, I'd improve myself if I got some other dictionary but...

    Word out.

  3. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Very interesting; though I think I'll stick with English!

  4. Anonymous7:38 PM

    It's like the indecipherable male grunt!

  5. Anonymous7:38 PM

    i wish i can learn more language but i think I'm too old for that,i hope my boys can learn more.

  6. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Word! Happy TT :)

  7. Anonymous7:56 PM

    there's a big different when words are spoken..Mime is up.
    13 Ghost Story Books

  8. So many different definitions. interesting!

  9. Hmmm so ghetto is a how my ancestors would roll ova in their graves...sigh.
    Happy TT.

  10. interesting...then there's body language added to all the other languages. I lived in Brazil many years ago and discovered some hand motions we use in normal conversation had different meanings in that language. I remember some words in Portuguese that you could say in English meaning I'm full after eating a dinner meant in their language I'm pregnant. I'm sure others laugh at non-speakers or non native speakers of whatever language.

  11. Great list. What a great WORD..Happy TT:)

  12. Yup … I find the Urban Dictionary fascinating as well … wish I’d know about it while I was still teaching actually (though my nephews kept me up to date word-wise … sort of). Thanks for celebrating my 1st Blogoversary at Small Reflections with me today. I’ve opted to use T-13 to celebrate tomorrow at Sacred Ruminations because Thursday is my 1st Blogoversary there. Hope you’ll find time to drop by.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. I am "word"less. (hope I did not dupicate the word). Word. Sandy, I came to see the photo which is super & I learned something completely fascinating. I've got to learn more words.

  14. It's a post that must be studied, Sandy.
    Really very interesting.

  15. Very interesting post, Sandy. I had to read it twice.

  16. Oh my word! Great post. Innit.
    As we'd say over in the UK - I'm told.

  17. Word Ms. C--you got game!

  18. I love it! I should send this to my book club buddy who teaches colloquial English to German business executives. They'd be totally confused. :)

  19. Do they still say word? I remember that from when I was in high school, and that's any awfully long time ago.

  20. My word!!!! This was great.

    My 13+ is up. All about the last week and then some. Come on over. If you visited my 13 last week, it's a follow up of that too! See you there.

  21. Wow! Who knew a little Word could be so flexible?

    If you're talking White Smack, you can substitute "Dude" for "Word".

    Peace - D

  22. A lot of words for words if I understood well this word meaning, lol !

  23. Anonymous9:04 AM

    All roads lead home. All words lead...? Do you know?

  24. Very cute post! :-) Hey, Sandy--thanks so much for commenting on my My World Tuesday photos! I really regretted, after all the comments, not posting the entire peanut process, from gorwing to harvesting. It's big business in my area! Well, there's always next year....:-)

  25. Anonymous9:48 AM

    My son and his friends use lingo. They say "Word is bond."

    I have a favorite word carved in cement. It says WORD. I'm not kidding. I love it. And if you add an L it changes word into the whole world. As you can see, I have thought about this one and have even written a long poem about THE WORD.

  26. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Word, huh? It's amazing it can have all those meanings.

  27. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Oops, I left the wrong link. I'm at Happy TT!

  28. I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand, I love that you're so open minded and so willing to communicate with people in the way they're most comfortable with. On the other hand, I worry about ghetto and texting and the impact they will have on young people when they go out into the world. I hope it doesn't limit them. Thanks for a truly thought provoking TT (and thanks for visiting mine).

  29. Urban Dictionary TT, your are a genious. I am soooo doing that some time soon. I get the Urban Word of the day and there's some fun ones in there.

  30. OOps, forgot the link....

  31. oh my a word says so much but can not touch the power of the first one you listed:)

  32. Word is an amazing word. As always I thoroughly enjoyed your TT. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Anonymous5:04 PM


    That's right up there with "Dude" for versatility.

    Happy TT!

  34. That was a lesson. I'm not sure I got it all though -- context and body language would definitely be needed. And I thought borrowing across zeros was hard to teach today. :) I always enjoy what you bring to TT.

  35. What a cute conversation to overhear. :) I love it!

  36. Huh?! I fear for the future of relationships with that kind of communication between friends and lovers.

    I'm an old, out of the loop, lady I guess.

  37. Word up - Hell, yes!
    I think that's my favorite.

  38. Word up! You rawk! Great TT!

  39. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I love reading about your students-and she did show her quick wit and intellect!

  40. You done good. . .

  41. Anonymous3:45 PM

    One word at a time...isn't that the best way, afterall? We've all seen comedy sketches when one character tries to put too many new words and phrases together. That's how you get into trouble, according to those skits.


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