One Single Impression: Paradox

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I am boundless space
Yet the world is a clay pot
Nothing and everything
Everything and everywhere
Nowhere, invisible.
Call my name, call your own,
Be the invisible night
Without which
The stars would
Be not light
Hot, bright, eternal
But nothing
Would be you, be me
Know the stars
Be one
Darkness is everything
And evermore
You know this if you are
A star

One Single Impression


  1. fun to be able to read a poem and not be typing or cutting and pasting them as I've been doing for 4 hours today...although I did go shopping for several hours and to a scrapbook convention-just bought some glue! too much busy stuff.

  2. poem perfection.

  3. Hi Sandy, you are full of paradoxes tonight. All wrapped into one.
    If a black hole is a star, then is it a paradox?

  4. Another great post Sandy and a lovely prose to go with your super photo.

  5. Just as a star has a cooling period before it expands and becomes a hot dwarf, our search for resplendent meaning encounter a whirl with other entities as we establish our spiritual orbit.

  6. When you write your beautiful poem did you look at the photo or find one to fit after you wrote the poetry?

    I have always wanted to write like you but when I was a child, I was discouraged. Everything had to rhyme. I gave up. I'm glad you didn't!

    My BYB is up early. . .

  7. Splendid post, Sandy.
    I enjoy so much your great poem, and the image is really magic.

  8. Shine on darlin'!

    Sometimes when I visit you I am enveloped in darkness and when I leave, I leave with light that helps quide me and helps me to shine in the crazy colors that I do.


  9. Anonymous6:00 AM

    ..a beautiful poem (if possible please rethink the ending-last two lines)..many thanks..

  10. What a lovely poem to take into the dark half of the year; I feel brighter for it already. I loved the last lines best of all; this one had me reading a few times to fully absorb it, and from the first reading I loved it.

  11. A poem and picture full of wonderful, paradoxical mystery.

  12. i very much like the soft, comforting feel of darkness i sense in your words

  13. Written by a star.

    Great shot. Love it.

  14. Hi Sandy--
    Like qualcosa, I lvoe the comfort this poem gives, but it is also so challenging to think of one's self made out of star-stuff...

    Love this--

  15. I enjoyed all your beautifull pictures, as well as your poetry Sandy!! Thanks for visiting !

  16. The invisible night and me a star in it, sounds divine! :)

  17. A perfect interpretation of this wonderful prompt. I savored each line! Bravo Sandy. Hugs, G

  18. I've read this several times. I think I perceive to be a star - as in a bearer of light - then one must wear its dress. I'm not sure...

  19. Sandy, this is just perfect and beautiful!!

    (for some reason google won't accept my url)

  20. i claim that i am a star :)

  21. Nice! I don't see any paradoxes in the poem only truth.

  22. Sandy,

    I reached your blog yesterday, liked your poetry very much, liked the prompt too, and scribbled a bit of mine while at work. Today I polished it and posted it. Please drop by at your convenience.

    Have a lovely day and thanks for this poetry and the inspiration. Cheers!

    - celine

  23. Nice work - words and photo!

  24. Beautiful poem, and beautiful photograph!

  25. love the pic and the poem. Hope you know you are a star in my life...

  26. I found this so uplifting and comforting...beautiful!

  27. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Great view of darkness. Good photo, too.


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