Thursday Thirteen: Litanies

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This week I was thinking about litanies. I heard them in church during the prayers (lists of persons who were named though their needs were not) and at school during morning announcements (the kids suspended in-house for the day) and saw them on war monuments, grave markers...

I thought of how important names are--to hear and to touch, as is the case with war monuments such as the Vietnam Memorial. People will travel great distances to touch a name in a list. Naming involves, writing, reading, speaking, hearing, touching. Yet, what is it, really? I think it's a short hand that says you, who have a name that marks your soul as a unique miracle, are exactly that. A unique miracle.

Naming is about loving one another. With that in mind, here's a litany on love.

1. adulation
2. affection

3. allegiance

4. amity

5. amor

6. appreciation

7. ardor

8. attachment

9. devotion

10. fidelity

11. friendship

12. passion

13. respect

Thursday Thirteen


  1. Thank you for sharing your deep touching thinking w/ all of us

  2. Deeply appreciate reading this at this very particular moment. You seem to have a gift for providing just the right thing when needed. God Bless.

  3. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Nice list.

  4. ...which brings us back

    Lovely, Sandy.

  5. interesting thoughts...I just wrote a column about family names and how we get them, etc. Will post it in my blog in a couple of weeks. enjoyed your post.

  6. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Gosh, that's fascinating. I learned recently that faith used to mean to love or something like that. I thought of you as your faith is so loving.

  7. Nice words. Great list.

  8. Great list...I love passion and affection the most. Happy TT my friend and thanks for stopping by:)

  9. Very nice. Thank you.

  10. Beautiful.

    The Pink Flamingo

  11. Lovely list. Have a wonderful TT.

    My TT is up at 13 Christmas Gifts for our Muslim Friends

  12. I love that you included "respect," because without that, love can't thrive!

    Peace - D

  13. interesting list!
    thanks for stopping by!

  14. Sandy, these are 13 splendid and important points. Thanks for this significant post.
    About litanies, I'd like to remember the litanies to the Virgin Mary which are said in our churches.
    Signore, pietà.
    Cristo, pietà.
    Signore, pietà.
    Cristo, ascoltaci.
    Cristo, esaudiscici.
    Santa Maria -------------------- prega per noi.
    Santa Madre di Dio ------------- prega per noi.
    Santa vergine delle vergini ---- prega per noi.
    Madre di Cristo ---------------- prega per noi.
    Madre della Chiesa ------------- prega per noi.
    Madre della divina grazia ------ prega per noi.
    Madre purissima ---------------- prega per noi.
    Madre castissima --------------- prega per noi.
    Madre sempre vergine ----------- prega per noi.
    Madre immacolata --------------- prega per noi.
    Madre degna d'amore ------------ prega per noi.
    Madre ammirabile --------------- prega per noi.
    Madre del buon consiglio ------- prega per noi.
    Madre del Creatore ------------- prega per noi.
    Madre del Salvatore ------------ prega per noi.
    Vergine prudente --------------- prega per noi.
    Vergine degna di onore --------- prega per noi.
    Vergine degna di lode ---------- prega per noi.
    Vergine potente ---------------- prega per noi.
    Vergine clemente --------------- prega per noi.
    Vergine fedele ----------------- prega per noi.
    Specchio di perfezione --------- prega per noi.
    Sede della Sapienza ------------ prega per noi.
    Fonte della nostra gioia ------- prega per noi.
    Tempio dello Spirito Santo ----- prega per noi.
    Tabernacolo dell'eterna gloria - prega per noi.
    Dimora consacrata a Dio -------- prega per noi.
    Rosa mistica ------------------- prega per noi.
    Torre della città di Davide ---- prega per noi.
    Fortezza inespugnabile --------- prega per noi.
    Santuario della divina presenza- prega per noi.
    Arca dell'alleanza ------------- prega per noi.
    Porta del cielo ---------------- prega per noi.
    Stella del mattino ------------- prega per noi.
    Salute degli infermi ----------- prega per noi.
    Rifugio dei peccatori ---------- prega per noi.
    Consolatrice degli afflitti ---- prega per noi.
    Aiuto dei cristiani ------------ prega per noi.
    Regina degli angeli ------------ prega per noi.
    Regina dei patriarchi ---------- prega per noi.
    Regina dei profeti ------------- prega per noi.
    Regina degli apostoli ---------- prega per noi.
    Regina dei martiri ------------- prega per noi.
    Regina dei confessori della fede prega per noi.
    Regina delle vergini ----------- prega per noi.
    Regina di tutti i santi -------- prega per noi.
    Regina concepita senza peccato - prega per noi.
    Regina assunta in cielo -------- prega per noi.
    Regina del rosario ------------- prega per noi.
    Regina della famiglia ---------- prega per noi.
    Regina della pace -------------- prega per noi.
    Agnello di Dio, che togli i peccati del mondo, perdonaci o Signore.
    Agnello di Dio, che togli i peccati del mondo, ascoltaci o Signore.
    Agnello di Dio, che togli i peccati del mondo, abbi pietà di noi.

  15. beautiful post, sandy! <3

  16. Great post! No susrprises there. But, I think I'd like to add the name Sandy Carlson to that list.

  17. Beautiful. Love is all these things.

  18. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Very nice List of Litanies for Love!

  19. Anonymous6:13 AM

    good points!

  20. Lovely list my friend and #13 is one of the most important I think :) Have a great rest of the week :)

  21. Lovely TT. Such important words in our lifes. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Anonymous7:30 AM

    How wonderful, Sandy. And, so true! There is a lot to think about here.

  23. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Love the list-I even more love your thoughts on litanies and names.

  24. Very nice. It's good to contemplate pleasant things. Your post is like a prayer.

  25. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Those words do have a power and beauty. So many A ones. Finding the right word for the right feeling is such an art.

  26. what a wonderful list! thank you.

  27. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Wow this is wonderful. So insightful. And you're right about touching names... it's meaningful and important.

  28. I love how those words all have different shades of meaning.

  29. A beautiful post. Thank you.

  30. Interesting list -- when I was a child and a litany was said at church, it was just a long list to me. The list of names for prayers becomes a litany and all that is needed because when we say the name of each their needs are uplifted in prayer, God accepts our "cry" for help and already knows what each needs. Our words acknowledge our dependence on God for the outcome.

    I tried something new on my blog. . .

  31. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Names have power. You can even see it in things like using your waiter's name when trying to get their attention.

    Anyway, I liked your litany. I love the word "ardor." In return I offer you - Addlepated.

  32. 13 is the most important. But I love how you started the first 8 with "a", like an alliterative poem.

  33. Sandy, this is a very nice capture,
    I like to see a window like this ,
    greetings from JoAnn

  34. What a wonderful Thursday thirteen. and i love the picture of the beautiful window.

    I too remember those words so well. I am Lutheran although I have not found a Church home here where I live now.

    We were members of an ECLU Lutheran church and I can't find one close here.

    Here they are all Missouri based Lutheran which is very different than the Evangelical Lutheran.

    Well enough about me. This is wonderful and I enjoyed it very much!!:-)

  35. I love your TTs. I never though before about how sacred names are.

  36. You have a gift for touching the soul. Thank you for a lovely post --- one that reminds us that a name is very important.

  37. I always love your TT's, Sandy! Your writing is so lyrical.

    Stop by my TT when you get a moment!

  38. A great 13 again Sandy and thank you. For me, as I am sure you know, the most important name is the name of our Creator, which in English speaking countries we render as Jehovah. That is the most majestic name of all time with Jesus being a close second in importance for me.

    Your 13 puts me in mind of Paul's words at 1 Cor 13. Inspired writing. Thank you.

  39. Very interesting post, Sandy. I just showcased a Remembrance Day event here in Canada that involved the projecting of the names of all the WWI soldiers who died in that war. It was remarkable and very, very moving.

    Also, I've always noticed that babies and my dog want very much to hear me speak the name of something they are keen on sharing with me. The simple naming of something creates a dialogue and a bond.

  40. Anonymous3:47 PM

    A good post for reflection, as evidenced by some of the comments you are getting...

  41. Thought provoking post one worthy of reflection. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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