One Single Impression: Distractions

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You are distracted
He said

I was looking away

Out the window into the distance:

A beaver lodge

On top of which stood a Canada goose

Below which

Muskrats silent and sleek

Cut across the swamp

Under clouds drifting and dripping

Into shadows that drenched the hills

With cool and sleepy darkness

Even as the morning light,

A six pointed star,

Was rising from the earth,

Climbing the trees and

Running away with the moon

Without a backward glance


He said.

You are distracted. Again.


I thought--

Or I am attracted to everything. Everything.

How I would love to

Fall backward

Off this stage

Into the hands of an attractive world

Into a love affair

With every




I wouldn't look back.

One Single Impression


  1. Sandy, you always amaze me: what a beautiful poem with great rhythm of verses. And the image well matches the poem.

  2. wow, is that powerful--words, images, feelings!

  3. That sounds like an amazing walk.

  4. That is one beautiful star sunrise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your poetry is so vivid! I am not sure I couldn't look back after seeing that photo! But maybe you intended it to mean that there is much more to view with eagerness?

    My BYB is finally up. Had a hard time because I couldn't find an appropriate photo that I had taken with my new camera. One day. . .

  5. Ah yes, not so much distracted than attracted.
    Very good. Beautiful poem too.

  6. A beautiful thought. Distractions CAN sometimes be magical.

  7. Anonymous6:48 AM

    What a wonderful way to capture our dilemmas of distraction. I love this poem! Very nicely done, Sandy!

  8. It is all in one's perception... Attraction, Distraction. Lovely, Sandy.

  9. Beautifully portrayed and your usual descriptiveness perfectly capture the pictures in your mind.

  10. What a lovely reversal, and new way of seeing things. I love this one, and it makes me think of my kids: so many teachers and therapists trying to teach them how to think like everyone else, instead of wondering what the world looks like from their view.

    It might be even better, their way!

    Thank you for sharing this, which such a perfectly matched photo too.

  11. What wonderful words and sentiments Sandy. So unique and creative and a great use of this prompt. Bravo Sandy!

  12. Anonymous3:38 PM

    This one really touched deeply into me - I love the contrary yet affirming twist on this prompt. Brava, indeed.

  13. Me, too, with the rest--I'll fall with you, dear Sandy--there's nothing to look backward to, anyway...

    Thank you squared--

  14. Exquisite. You are so good. Your poems are not just words, they carry the deep truth of the speaker.

  15. Beautiful photo and beautiful writings. :) I love your poems. :)

  16. Sandy, that is simply beautiful. And I can really relate to that feeling of being attracted to everything in the world. It keeps me out of focus most days...D

  17. I loved the walk along with you.

    Wonderfully put..

    mundane meanderings

    PS: Please do come and post at Monday Poetry Train Revisited. You will love to board it

  18. Compelling piece - strong and thoughtful! Lovely...

  19. Its very nice! it is the little things that are important in life because they create all the big things.

  20. Neither would I look back. This is beautiful and I love the layers of thought and conversation interlaced.

  21. what a wonderful idea!

  22. an extraordinary photograph for a wonderful poem -- to be attracted to everything -- Yes!!

  23. beautiful sandy!
    Merry Christmas to you........

  24. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Loved this one Sandy. Makes me think of one of my girls-seems I'm constantly reminder her to pay attention in school she is so easily distracted. Maybe she's onto something-she IS taking it all in.

  25. What an excellent take. I love the thought of being attracted to everything. Well done. Thank you.

  26. Simple distractions are the best. I loved
    "A six pointed star,
    Was rising from the earth,
    Climbing the trees and
    Running away with the moon."

    Your pictures are stunning!

  27. Hi Sandy, your distractions ended deliciously, if only in your mind! You did the window scene beautifully as well. Thank you.

  28. I found myself being distracted while I read your poem, distracted by the beauty of your words. I loved it, thank you!


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