One Single Impression: Doodles

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Whispering to the woodpecker wintering here,
To the soft, supple pine boughs refracting winter light,

To the white-tailed deer who has come upon me as

Easily and unknowingly as

I have come upon him,

I begin a story
While I walk.


I will not remember
The sweet nothings

That write themselves
Across my heart.

Not exactly.

I will remember
How good the writing felt,

How those lost words

Seal my love

As they do every morning
When I begin a story.

When I can

I will perhaps search for those words

And make some kind of use of them.

One Single Impression


  1. What a beautiful, heart wrenching poem! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The words are so vivid and ones, I may not remember word for word but the gist of it has left an impression in my heart. Thank you!

    FYI, I have my blessing up now.

  2. This is a beautiful poem. It is like a sketch of quiet winter happiness in words, beautiful!

  3. Very nicely said Sandy. I know exactly what you are talking about. Pappy

  4. The setting's lovely, but I like the insight the best. I get so frustrated sometimes when I can't recall the exact phrasings that came to me during a walk--or Mass! --or in the bath. But you're right, the spirit of those words is still there, and inspires the new work. I'll remember that, next time.

    Wonderful poem, a beautiful keeper! Thanks!

  5. Anonymous8:17 AM

    What can come to you on a walk! Your poem made me feel warm.

  6. Very clever take and quite visual.

  7. beautiful thoughts and poetry. sounds like you write morning pages or afternoon or evening pages. writing is always there to capture our feelings and thoughts. to cause us to reflect more on life around us.

  8. I enjoyed that poem!
    As much as your photography, beautiful, thanks!

  9. Lovely, Sandy. Is there a writer alive who has not had that experience -- often?

  10. A power placing environment, mind and expression in one beautiful poem.

  11. Dear Sandy--
    This is so lovely to me, as your morning stories seem to be an extension of the dreams you may have had the night before. Especially loved that you may not remember the words...they often get in the way anyway!

    Love your soulfulness--

  12. I often feel the way you described but have never put words to it. :)

  13. You describe this feeling so well... it is like we are feeling it ourselves.

  14. For sure, the spirit far outlasts the exact words! Lovely.

  15. Oh yes, I like those doodles written 'on your heart.'
    It was nice that you went on the inpiration for the doodles. It makes us think about our encounters.

  16. Anonymous11:41 AM

    yes, I have these mornings when I write in my head but most usually gets lost afterward, but some inking of it always stays with me, much like what you're saying in your poem

  17. This was very heart and soul filled. Beautiful work as always.

  18. Anonymous2:28 PM the substance of ur picture & ur poem it is beauty searching for beauty,life seeking life-
    in the what,where,when,how or why -
    of words,walks,graceful trees & stories..many thanks.

  19. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Beautiful words that flow so effortlessly. If only we could remember some of the things that go through our heads, which, as you say, always seem so good. I guess we should carry a small notebook at all times!

  20. A beautiful walk that brings hope of remembering those great words we often forget. Peaceful poem.

  21. This is just so lovely. Your words and images over come me and I am moved to awe. Well done my friend.


  22. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I enjoyed your link of ideas and feelings being like doodling without pen and paper.

  23. How perfect, your words and the picture.

  24. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Sandy, I love this photo here. I love trees and I think they say so much. I think your poem here is very beautifully written.


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