Rest in Peace, Liquid Illuzion (aka Suzanne Horne)

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I have a personal tradition of lighting a pillar candle and placing it on the front step on Christmas morning. It's my own little way of celebrating the Light at the heart of the holiday and inviting it in. This candle burned steadily on my front step from 6:45 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. yesterday.

I joked that it was my Hanukkah miracle because it was all but burned out when I lit it in the morning. In truth, I had forgotten the thing when we left for my parents', so I was lucky I hadn't caused a disaster at home. In truth, though, it was a miracle. There wasn't enough wax or wick for a 12 3/4-hour burn. But there it was.

Today I am dedicating this post--and the eternal Love in that little Light--to the memory of blogger Suzanne Horne, whose blog Liquid Illuzion was a source of fun, joy, and beauty for me on a regular basis. Suzanne died on Christmas Eve. I am very sad and sorry about this. She was an angel who visited my life for a little while and brought a lot of light with her.

In the spirit of blogging and in memory of this spirited blogger, TAG, YOU ARE IT. Tell everyone you know you love them. Get to them and say it. Somehow. Now. Be the peace Suzanne sought in her life.

Visit Suzanne's photos and poetry here.

Visit her friend Cliff's blog for more of Suzanne's story.

Here is her obituary from the Meridian Star:

Jeri Suzanne Horne
Jeri Suzanne Horne Services for Jeri Suzanne Horne will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at James F. Webb Funeral Home Chapel with the Revs. Joseph Hallman, and Dennis Marks officiating. Burial will be in Pine Springs Southern Methodist Church Cemetery. Mrs. Horne, 42, of Meridian, died Wednesday, December 24, 2008, at her residence. She was employed as a hairdresser. Survivors include her parents, Jerry and Betty White of Meridian, daughter, Isabella Horne of Meridian, son, Campbell Horne of Meridian, brother, Greg White and Ronna of Davie, Fla., niece, Madelyn White of Davie. Visitation will be Monday, 5p.m.-7 p.m. at the funeral home. Pallbearers will be Barry Murphy, Mike Grant, David Medlin, Bo Pierce, Richard Daniel, and Bryan Culpepper.

Click here to sign her guestbook.


  1. This is a beautiful memorial to your blogging friend.

  2. Sandy, OMG! What happened? She made a post on Christmas Eve! Oh, I'm so sorry for her family.

    May she rest in peace...D

  3. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Be Embraced

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  5. Suzanne was one who had a talent of making everyone feel in welcome and loved. It's a large part due to Suzanne, I went from having just a local readership to one who gets regular hits from all around the world.

    Suzanne was the mayor of "Bloggeritaville."

  6. I'm so very sorry...

  7. I am sorry for your loss. Was it sudden? She looks young and healthy in your sidebar.

  8. She will be sorely missed...

  9. What a beautiful tribute for your dear friend. My heart is with you and all those who loved her.

  10. Your post honoring her is as beautiful as Suzanne herself.

    My wish for her and those who love her is that her legacy will live on. She has evidently touched many who will in turn touch others.

    God's Peace to you, my friend.

  11. Blessings to You, Sandy and to Suzanne.
    Warm Aloha consolation to us ALL! Amen

  12. I always knew Liquid as a great blogger & Friend. Condolence From India. May her soul rest in Peace

  13. I'd missed this post before, so I'm glad you linked it. Whatever the season, or reason, for your "Hannukah miracle" it's a perfect tribute to Suzanne. I think she would smile to see the community of all her different circles of friends. It's just a shame she couldn't be here to witness it herself.

    We miss you Liquid. And we will remember.

  14. Thanks for the lovely tribute to our dear friend. I will miss her.


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