One Single Impression: Slowly

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Every morning I watch the sun rise
Over hills I have watched since childhood.
I have always wondered where exactly those hills are.
Connecticut hills, yes, but which ones--
And how do I get to them,
And how does it feel there
As the sun rises?

I am standing in a cold kitchen
Watching the sun rise slowly
On a January morning.
I hold my coffee mug to my chest,
Warming it
That it might warm me a little,
And I watch as the day comes,
Gently ending a long and soundless night.

The sun moves slowly,
Unimpressed by a wind that rises
Strong and sends a message under the back door
To me:
Come out here
And see for yourself
What it is to be on the eastern hill
That feels the sun first.

Someone who rises just now
Wants to know.

Come and give your answer to the dawn.

One Single Impression


  1. When the dawn braks
    it shatters mt death
    for i live another day
    to love the world around me

  2. u inspire me for what i can not see but remember

  3. I stand in my kitchen with my Herrentassen of jamoke and feel the same draft and look for chinks of pink and orange sky as low as possible and wonder topographically about my Nutmeg hills

  4. I use to wonder those same things. How can I get there and will I know it if I found it! Wonderful musings, Sandy!

  5. this is inspiration. a part of us, things we do just grow together with us

  6. This is very nice I feel the same way about the Sun rising!

    Sandy who is Maeleine L'Engle?

  7. Lovely!
    You speak of sunrise and me, sunset.
    I'm perpetually in awe of the hills and mountains too. I hope the coffee mug warmed you up.:)

  8. I love the dawn.

    "The sun moves slowly,
    Unimpressed by a wind that rises"

    Slow and fast together, what an image for such a morning as this. You drink coffee, I love tea ... and moving too fast to get back to the computer to see the sunrise, I spilled it on me.

    ahhh, now I am back in my element. I love the hills too.

  9. Beautifully expressed.. with words and photography.

  10. lovely poem and images, i could just see you there. it's a cycle too night sunrise, day and sunset. just like the seasons-wonderful that we have so many predictable events in our lives to give structure to our lives and witness God's hand in designing the universe.

  11. Anonymous10:59 AM

    We begin our days exactly the same way. Do you think it might be a "Sandy" thing?

    Your poem is lovely.

  12. "The sun moves slowly,
    Unimpressed by a wind that rises"

    Wow! I love that. I love the question, the yearning inherent. You do this so well, it's so beautiful, so evocative. I love that you warm and are warmed by that coffee. Beautiful picture to go with timeless words.

  13. Love best the draft that entices, requires you to go figure out the etymology of those darn Connecticut hills your own sweet self.

  14. Sandy--there's a typo in the first stanza--'theree'

  15. I loved this Sandy, very much

    and the photo is just exquisite :)


  16. Beautiful thoughts with a beautiful picture. Thanks.

  17. It always holds so much mystery - nature, that enigmatic sun.
    Beautiful words, as always.

  18. Your poetry is always so beautiful and heartfelt. It makes my day to read it!

    I can never post using this address.

  19. Anonymous2:02 PM

    This poem develops very nicely from beginning to end. By the last stanza it felt like it was singing.

  20. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Wow! This is so incredible Sandy. I loved every line, I felt every line. This is a work that will stay with me for a long time to come. Bravo!!!

  21. Sandy,
    I can relate to your feelings on watching the sunrise and wondering about the sunrise in the distant places, I am an early riser and the first thing I do is to open and raise my blinds so I can enjoy watching the sun as it rises.
    I do think the sun and moon look different at different times and places.

  22. Thanks for the picture of the sun rise..I do not usually wake early enough to see it :)

  23. Beautiful imagery in this poem Sandy.

  24. I felt like I was standing right there with you...I could even smell your steaming cup of coffee. Lovely words!

  25. Anonymous5:43 PM

    ..a golden picture_bringing sunrise to so many eyes_

    so _"Come and give your answer to the dawn"_
    for the words keep knocking at the door..lovely..many thanks..

  26. Ya know, as I read this I thought "Enya should be singing this..."

    This is how I feel about the ocean. Especially at sunrise.

  27. Dear Sandy,

    This poem reminds me of the slivers of memory I have left from my days in Connecticut and Massachusetts ... from the days of my creation and youth ... from the history of my family ... from the generations who stood before me and tried to be warmed by a morning sun.

    I was born in Connecticut, given up to the winds of adoption, lived in my birthland for a brief time before the circumstances of life moved me beyond my borders. Thank you for always bringing me home.

    JanePoet ~ JP/deb

  28. Please bring the dawn into my world everyday!

  29. I like to read your poems and then come back to them hours later. They kind of float around for awhile... this is a wonderful piece fitting for such a sunrise.

  30. I am not sure about Connecticut but in New Hampshire we couldn't see the hills for the trees. There are no hills here.
    This summer we did watch the sun come over the Colorado Rockies for a few mornings. We spent more time watchng the elk feed and deposit their babies than watching the sun.
    Isn't it wonderful to wake up before dawn!

  31. this is a warm feeling.

  32. Lovely post, Sandy. The photo and the poem are awesome. It's true, dawns and sunsets often inspire so many deep thoughts.

  33. Nice words and photo!

  34. In this case, your words are a thousand pictures - lovely, lovely.

  35. To find the answer soemtimes is sad because you wonder no longer. . . but I am always curious also and know there are more wonders to explore after I ahve "solved" the present one.

  36. I so love the sentiment in these poems, the longing to see what it looks like at the edge, knowing that when you get there, you only see a new unknown distance.

  37. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Hi Sandy,
    I see you standing in the glow. Love the last line of your poem.

  38. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Sandy-loved loved this one. I liked it so much-because it reminded me of me.

  39. Anonymous11:42 AM

    "Come and give your answer to the dawn" - Sandy, I love those words! Very beautiful descriptions and very moving as always.

  40. Absolutely love it the photo and poem

  41. I can feel the chill. I do like the photo too.

  42. I love the quiet private moment.

  43. Beautiful words Sandy! The picture and poem make me want to experience that sunrise too!


  44. Wonderful post, Sandy. The sunrise always gives me hope!

    slowly building it up

  45. That last line gave me a chill. Brilliant!


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