One Single Impression: Equals

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Some see the glass half empty;
Others, half full.

I see the glass

Which will be equally itself
After I have taken my pleasure
Drained it dry
Put it back for another round

On maybe another day.

I will call the pleasure complete
And completely my own.
I will make it mine
As I claim the very last drop

That is sharper
Than it is sweet
And always just enough

Because there is no need for too much
Of anything

So long as there is a glass
When I am ready for more.

One Single Impression


  1. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Wow, it never occurred to me that the glass half empty/full was about wanting more - but you are so right! Wow...

  2. I agree with your very fine verses, Sandy. Sometimes I tend to see, alas!, the glass half empty. :-)

  3. Excellent poem.
    You show serious talent, I think.
    Freshening an old cliche` is the mark of a real poet!
    Aloha, Sandy

  4. Oh my gosh! The box is back to comment in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was upset with myself when I saw you had added a new post and I didn't check after being on the community computer and posting comments on your blog first of all earlier . . . On a whim, I said well, she changed the header, maybe she changed the comment box. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Ü

    Now for my comment. . .

    I really enjoyed your poem. I always do. It is because of your style of writing that I have tried some of my own. I post them over on wordpress tho and my name there is pauliewrites. I haven't figured how I got the couple of photos on the site tho so the last two poems don't have their photos that should be there. Maybe one day.

  5. Anonymous2:14 AM

    now that is the way to see things!

  6. A great attitude to have - and lovely words.

  7. Beautiful, Sandy. I can't decide which post I prefer: this one or the previous one.

  8. There are so many ways to look at a subject. One should have an open mind.

    I notice you change your blog template.

  9. I usually see that glass half full. Often I see the glass though. That wonderful glass, ever ready for action.

  10. Wonderful new perspective, Sandy! To me, my glass is but a vessel, there to hold whatever I choose to have it hold. Red or white, more or less, now or later... the choice is always mine.

    Obediently, my glass waits for me.

    Have a lovely day, my friend!

  11. good attitude and we should be thankful for the glass/life whatever it holds...

  12. I had to smile at the wisdom of this ... I have never associated the half/half as a state of lack or not enough of.

    ... but it's good to know half of anything can complete me, as long as I am the one that drank from the glass and put it in that state ... of being.

    You always come up with such wonderful metaphors to everyday living.

  13. Beyond half empty and half full glass, there exists a life. This is very nice one.

  14. And I too say "WOW!" What a unique and valuable perspective. The poem is beautiful, and calls us to task for missing the larger picture as we debate "half-full/half-empty."

  15. That still-point!

    Thank you, dear Sandy--

  16. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Just brilliant! For me the first three lines are like a poem within a poem. And then - to always have a glass! Loved the progression of this!!

  17. What a lovely poem. I also like the way you made us use our imaginations to decide if the glass was half full or half empty.

  18. Sandy,
    I think it is great to know whether the glass is half empty or half full will depend on you as the owner of the glass and the one in charge of filling it yourself.

    Good poem.

  19. i will never see the half full/half empty question in the same way again...excellent perspective!

  20. I'm with you---just glad to see the glass! Great insight and loved your poem.

  21. I too, find that I have a deeper perspective after reading your insightful poem. You have such wisdom, Sandy. I pray that it hasn't been too hard won! You seem to have vision beyond your years... what has brought you to such a place, I wonder? Is it that you have an old soul that came with you at birth and hasn't forgotten the life you lived in eternity?
    I still find your greatest poetry to be YOU!

  22. what a wonderful poem Sandy!

    I happen to have more wine so your glass will always be the level you want it to be!

  23. Anonymous8:54 PM

    The glass remains true to itself, no matter how much you project onto it; steadfast and true to its glass self.

    It is what it is, even when just enough, whatever that is.

    Thank you :-)

  24. Thanks for a new perspective Sandy. The lack of either/or dichotomy conveys a true joy of living. Thanks for making me think. :-)

  25. What I love is the "take charge" attitude in this. I guess I've sort of felt the same way, just never quite knew how to put it. And wouldn't have said it so eloquently either.

  26. Hmmm, what a neat take on it!

  27. one needs to be optimistic to live in this world.

  28. I could so relate to this, for me it emphasised celebrating the small rituals in life. Thanks.

  29. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Cheers! Great picture and poem and sentiments.
    Congrats on POTD

  30. I love everything about this!!!! You are truly profound!!!!! Congrats on POTD! I am so glad to find you! I'll be back!

  31. I like your wisdom. Most excellent choice of the glass as the focus for this prompt. Great stuff, Sandy.

  32. You've packed so much wisdom into each and every line Sandy. Thanks friend... words to dwell on!

    Hugs, G

  33. Anonymous3:24 PM

    ..we always find differing or should we say (un)equal perspectives on equal things..a wonderful post..many thanks..

  34. Party time! Sandy, I didn't know you were a party girl. Question, do you save the best wine for last or drink it first when you are tasting well?
    BTW, I like your "see the foliage in spite of the trees" pictures above.
    And now you have shown that you can see the glass in spite of the wine here.

  35. Anonymous12:05 AM

    I see the sparkle and reflection.

  36. A good poem, and a sparkling mind shining through it, Sandy :)

    liked this much,


  37. Anonymous6:44 PM

    sandy, that is so full of hope, fullfillment and tomorrow... beautiful... thank you

  38. Wonderful poem, Sandy.

  39. I love this Sandy! Being a glass 1/2 empty girl myself I never thought about it being just enough. What a wonderful interpretation- thanks!

  40. Sandy, I'm so late in reading and posting on "Equals"
    What a lovely poem you have written. To drain the glass and make it equal to you is beautiful. May we all have the pleasure of draining that glass.
    Well done.


  41. As a fellow writer, I admire your optimism. Often in writing poetry, people find themselves heading in the very opposite direction.
    After reading the poem, I realized that life can be a beautiful and precious thing; never to be taken for granted or wasted. It made me believe that what we are given in life might be just what we need. As people, we always strive for more; we are programmed to do so. If we all take a good look at what we already have, we might grow to understand that a little goes a long way.


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