One Single Impression: Farewell

As in fare thee well
As in kiss me good-bye, my love,
As in I wish you didn't have to go.

I think farewell
Is better as two words
With thee in between
Encased, embraced, ensconced--

Thee, thou, thee.

These words shimmer in the mouth
In fricative warmth and vibrancy
Stimulating thoughts of thee--
Come hither, hear me

As I whisper in your ear
Everything I know of love

Before you go.

Fare thee well.
May your journey be good.
Thou art my love
And I wish thee well

As I keep thee in my heart
Thou art the timbre of my soul
The pulse of my dreams.

Go if you must
And if you must,
Be good, or should I say
What I feel,

Which is fare thee well,
My love.

One Single Impression


  1. Sandy:
    THOU didst fare very well!

  2. What a lovely tribute to someone special. Great use of the prompt Sandy.

    I wrote along a similar path this week...

    Hugs, G

  3. I greatly enjoyed this nice poem, Sandy.

  4. I wish I had learned sooner how to let go. Enjoyed this. Thanks.

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  5. Anonymous5:32 AM well written..many thanks..
    (but has mr. linky bid farewell too?! )

  6. "Fare Thee Well" .. old English style, huh.

    Nay, I dare say, I wish him no fare thee well, instead .. to the man that broke my heart .. I wish him in hell ...

    Just kidding, enjoyed the poem.

  7. Very nicely done. And I like the new make-over.

  8. interesting insertion of the word thee.

    nicely written. you are still sweet even after his goodbye.

  9. I love the sentiment of "thee" being special. It rolls off the tongue so easily, sensuously. Yes, Fare Thee Well...

  10. I so love the words you use in this, they "shimmer in the mouth" as you say. I particularly like the lines: "Thou art the timbre of my soul/The pulse of my dreams." But the sentiment, of wishing well the one who leaves is full of warmth and soul.

  11. So many great phrases in here. I gonna come back and re-read it again.

    washed by words

  12. Sandy, this is really good. I will get back and read it. We are hurrying around for church here.
    Thanks for putting my link on.

    Thank you very much for your very thoughtful concern over me. My poem goes back (except for Aid).
    I'm remarried now (both of us are and each is very happy). That all was 39 years ago. And (maybe) it really wasn't that bad.
    I do think many people have been through times similar to this in one way or another.

    Adi, our twelve year old beagle, was just going on a visit while we were out, she is here every day. But doesn't she look sad!

  13. Fare thee well. Really love this lines here.

  14. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Beautiful! I do not play this meme, but want to share my appreciation :)

  15. enjoyed the poem and felt it on many levels...may you fare well as you leave taking part of me with you.

  16. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Au revoir, ' Wiedersehen, до свидания (dus cfeedania), adios, so long.

  17. I saw (thee) received quite a hug:)

  18. fare thee well my dear friend! Lovely poem with lovely sentiments!

  19. What a lovely poem, and your added words do make farewell much more gentle. Beautiful read!

  20. This truly stirs the heart, Sandy. Only one made of steel could not be moved; even stone hearts would move just a little.

  21. Oh my, such a dear and rich poem! I so enjoyed taking this one in to my heart~

  22. Beautiful words put together into a beautiful poem.

  23. Anonymous12:22 PM

    This is beautiful as an illuminated manuscript, as moving as a tender ballad... deeply moving!

    (and I am overjoyed with this new blog comment format!!!)

  24. Dear Sandy--
    This is beautiful--
    Putting the 'thee' in between--the acknowledgement in those 4 letters of particularities--of the angle of cheek, the chip of tooth, the droop of ear.

    I loved this--thank you--

  25. Ah, to love so completely and bittersweetly. I can relate 'the timbre of my soul'. Beautiful.

  26. This is genuine love...
    and I so agree with every single word of it, Sandy

    Loved this one,
    I liked most of yours; but this my favourite...perhaps for the way the thought matches mine, my dear


  27. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I love the old English words and style of this poem. The twists and turns of farewells are evident in your writing.

  28. Oh, there's music in this and I so enjoyed it! There's something in wonderful in the English we're losing to time, and it's beautiful to not just revisit it, but to make it new again, as you did here.

    I especially loved the image of 'thee' being embraced in the 'farewell' -- really lovely!

  29. You are so good at these! Hard to figure out who might be the one for whom these words are written. A lover? A child? A lost loved one who's crossed the last bridge. I felt, a little, like I might want to be the one that stirred them. But then I'd be stealing form someone, the one who was the rightful owner of them. Couldn't have that on my conscience.

    But I did discover that I just love it when you say "fricative". ;)

  30. Anonymous7:55 PM

    fricative vibrancy: this poem is full of such vibrancy. Thank you

  31. Thank you, Sandy. This is a little bit of a balm for the fare-thee-well in process in my life.

  32. Since you said 'be good' I can assume this is to a child who is leaving the nest.
    Until then I was thinking it might be an amnicable separation. I was worrying about the telling of wishing he/she didn't have to go, this implied temporary, or at least in your wishes.
    It was fun, I may never know.

  33. Anonymous12:11 AM

    This stirs up so much emotion..I think most would agree..ha, maybe not all with the (wish thee well)! I remember a neighbor once told me after the break up of her relationship - specifically her marriages..they all parted giving each other the finger! Ha

  34. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Oh, Sandy..I needed to say this was touching-

  35. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Wow, Sandy. This was very moving. Beautifully done.

  36. Nice do fare very well.

  37. Makes me tearful, very touching but hits to close to home for now...I did enjoy the prompt.

  38. A lovely extension of farewell...lovely!

  39. just lovely Sandy, you got the pitch just right.


  40. Oh, how beautiful. Just love it - every bit of it.

  41. i too was stuck on the idea of its origin 'fare thee well'...i very much like that context, as i often consider 'farewell' as more of a closing, while fare thee well is a blessing for a journey.

  42. Oh Sandy, this moved me deeply - you have such a talent. A beautiful wish for someone much loved.

    Congratulations on making post of the day, it is very well deserved.

  43. Such a sensitive poem...!! You give a whole new meaning to the cliched word 'Farewell'. Indeed even Shakespeare would have admired your use of the word 'Thee.'

    Thou art brilliant and thy poem speaketh your heart.

    Congratulations for making it to POTD.

  44. Oh How wonderful! I really like this.


  45. Congrats on POTD! Woot-woot

  46. Anonymous9:51 AM

    So bittersweet romantic!

  47. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Beautifully written.

    CJ xx

  48. So well expressed, makes me go over the lines again and again.

    Congrats on POTD! :)

  49. Yes Yes Yes!~ Fare Thee Well and Abide with me...words that float off the tongue like music...I feel words like this deep in my soul, remembered words, remembered times...

  50. OH! Congrats on POTD mention!
    Me again

  51. Beautiful. I'm lousy at poetry. This says everything I eloquently cannot.

  52. "These words shimmer in the mouth
    In fricative warmth and vibrancy"- Wow what wordage!!! Love it!

  53. Guess David loves the way you say "fricative" too. Congrats on POTD!

  54. I will admit I had to pull out the dictionary but I really loved what you did here. Bravo

  55. Your poems always make one think!

  56. beautiful and sweet! I love this.


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