One Single Impression: What's That Like?

You add 
To the immense 
Vocabulary of love
A drop of deceit

It trickles down the page
Taking with it
In its darkening course
Passion, purpose, truth
An unclothed soul vulnerable
To the vast and holy secrets
Of passion, purpose, truth

Every permutation 
Of I love you

One drop reduces
The immense vocabulary of love
To a sequence of letters on a page

Symbols become scribbles

Then dissolve in a puddle
That eats the page.

One drop
And it's all gone.

What's that like?

OK, dark mood here. A friend pointed out to me that this was an angry piece. "Angry?" I thought. It was just a question. Indeed, for me it is. I do wonder what it's like to tear heart and hope from another person so that she goes through life looking behind every word as if it were a boulder shielding a sniper. What's it like to kill language, that lifeline to the heart? To destroy trust? 

Emerging from this nightmare into the light of day brings this: here.


  1. I don't know about angry, but it certainly is sad. And it stirs a protective instinct in me (that's probably misplaced). Or maybe it's just that it resonates.

    Yeah, that could be it.

  2. Its a very deep poem and yes once bitten twice shy. It is difficult to find someone you can trust with your heart which makes it all the more precious when you do find some one who treasures you and who you can love back in the same way.

    I always asked myself a question would I love this man if he came back to me like say in the Johnny Got His Gun story? If my answer was yes then he is the one for me. because its not the outside I love the most but the inside.
    Its a good way to think I feel. How many marriages break up when one gets ill and the other can't tolerate the difference in the person like without a leg or breast.
    My grandmother warned me as a young woman. Actions speak louder than words.
    Talk is cheap. They can tell you they love you every five minutes but it doesn't mean they do. In fact if they do say it every five minutes it might very well be a sign they don't lol I had a smart gramma lol.

  3. A fearless exploration of relationship truith. aloha, Sandy

  4. I find the poem so deep -- your few words say much. I felt the movement in reading each line and I felt compassion for the one who thought they were loved. . . My favorite lines are
    "Then dissolve in a puddle
    That eats the page."

    BUT without the rest of the poem, it means nothing so I guess I liked it all. . . just found those two lines so vivid. . .

    To end with a question is perfect! Your poem can be personal or it can be for each reader in a different way.

    I like it a lot.

  5. wow that was strong and beautiful in images...keep writing expressing the feelings kept inside will help with healing. i know been there, done that.

  6. It's not anger, in my opinion, it's just a bitter state of disappointments .. and I know what that feels like.

    I felt this one .. Sandy, and it's not pretty because I am still living it.

  7. Great poem, Sandy.
    A deep representation of a mood.

  8. That was truly a deep but beautiful poem.
    There have been times when I have felt like I sheltered behind a boulder expecting to be sniped! People have a great responsibility to each other, don't they?

  9. I'm at a loss for words... and I'm grateful that you weren't.

    It appears as though there are others who share your heartfelt and passion filled poem.

    As for me... I've been so settled for so long that I've forgotten the angst of broken promises and empty phrases that taught me confusion and allowed the fear of needing someone to grow within me.

    Are you okay, Sandy? Are you still on that roller coaster? Anything your friends in cyber space can do to cheer you?

    I believe that the depth of expression that is in your poetry is a healing and purging thing. You're emptying your heart of some of the desire to understand that which can not be understood. Making room for the bluebird of all that is happy to nest.

    Oh gosh... here I am blathering on and on. Forgive me. Just know that I think you are a miracle and that you bring magic into the lives of so many of your students, your friends in our blogging circle, your daughter, and who knows how many others.

    Sleep in peace...

  10. This one is so thoughtful. The anger is there, but I think that is just the good poet, placing mind in synch so the words can come out with feeling.

  11. it seems so deep and very meaningful
    happy mothers day sandy

  12. Brilliantly written full of truth, oh that us humans would tread more carefully on each others souls. My hope is in redemption, recovery - in a God who can restore the words.

    Thanks for your lovely affirming comment at my blog, his loveliness is sometimes overlooked by his mother exhausted by his intensity, but the Truth prevails.

  13. One drop can certainly make a big difference.
    Nice work!

    P.S. I just loved your videos below,

  14. "Drop of deceit" fires the cannon and waits for the chaos to explode. An old tale beautifully up-ended with a refreshing perspective!

  15. liked the use of permutation here. not necessarily dark..

  16. Words have great power and can maim, hurt, kill and also heal.

  17. I really like the poem. From one who is very guarded.

  18. A drop of deceit is devastating, to be sure. But like a decaying strawberry in the basket, it can be culled before it spoils the bunch. Hopefully.

  19. I like the anger or whatever it is here. This is the kind of poem that could be sent to someone, with the the addendum - "Not a rhetorical question" (I'm not doing that, I'm just saying!)

  20. I feel a righteous anger expressed is a good thing; and the only healthy thing one can really do at that point. That is what art and poetry is all about - expression of feelings. Well done.

  21. It may be dark but this poem speaks truth as every good poem should. I didn't feel the angry but rather indignation.

  22. Hi Sandy, I understand passion. It drives a lot, good and bad. When the purpose is wrongful, then the truth will be distorted or absent. Then all H*ll can break loose.
    I read your oyster shell poem, it and my Christmas tree poem (link in my OSI post) run a similar vein. Of course yours is elegant, mine very simple.

  23. "one drop" -- so true. one drop of betrayal and deceit, spreads like a cancer, eating at the entire fabric of the relationship.

  24. Dear Sandy--
    This is surely a different perspective from your usual--and so I want to honor it as another view of your soul's work...thank you for your genuine curiosity. I'm going to follow the link to 'here' next.

    I think you have a typo in 'deceipt', but I may be wrong.

    Thank you, as ever--

  25. This is soulful Sandy,

    But I had a recent experience which upset one who writes, I have written a few love poems and one of my old colleagues took it that I was writing about him...and then came up with claims...It got to my nerves and I had to be very curt with him...

    I wonder how people just assume things in their own ways, and then finally to be defaced,

    Poets may have what we call the 'muse' which inspires our writing in a certain way...But is it wise for the world to decide that he/she is writing about a specific person..and then to pester them??

    isn't it a bit unwise for literate people to do so??

    aren't poetic words universal? available for all those who need a share!

    and shouldn't they (including us when we are readers) be prudent enough to read it in their minds..not to make open claims and make lives difficult...

    Even when I was hard on him, I felt bad about it!

    I do not know if my comment is that much relevant...but your words bought that incidence to my mind, Sandy :)


  26. Hi Sandy,
    I like that you say that language is a "lifeline to the heart".

  27. I've often wondered. Came to the conclusion that those who destroy that way don't 'get it' at all. It's always to the survivors to pick up and move on. Not so dark as it is thoughtfully reflective.

  28. You make me think. :)

    I didn't see it as a angry - I loved Passion, purpose, truth - we all need to live daily with those instead of just puttering through.

  29. is this also about lies
    the ruins of a relationship
    the acid that eats the page
    ok to be angry
    if you are

  30. powerful piece. there is so much truth and insight in your beautifully expressed words. I did not feel the anger.

  31. .. " looking behind every word as if it were a boulder shielding a sniper.... to kill language, that lifeline to the heart? " _
    provides context to this 'emotional ' poem _

    'justice should not only be done but should be seen to be done '

    is a great principle of jurisprudence _

    that said , no perpetrator escapes 'the truth ' of his own heart..

    thank u for these lovely expressions ..

  32. Every permutation
    Of I love you

    One drop reduces
    Beautiful imagery of disallusionment. Excellent, Sandy!

    Peace, JP/deb

  33. I wouldn't say the poem sounded angry...more questioning than angry- yet so many people are treated this way and have to experience that- sad! Very well- done Sandy- your imagery is amazing!

  34. Powerful Stuff Sandy!

    You are reaching new heights with the depth of your writing!


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