One Single Impression: Blue Rain

IMG 8062

Every day, fractions:
37 of the last 40,
39 of the last 45,
43 of the last 50...

The rain doesn't stop

Yet, somehow the blossoms open wide

To propogate their kind
With the help of those endlessly
Hungry bees and bugs
And anyone else sensible
And sensuous enough
To fall into those flowers

Until he wears the magic
And just keeps going

Even in the rain.

Day after day the sky darkens,
Midday looks like dusk,
And clouds surrender to
Some cosmic command
To let go and just keep on
And on and on
Until we are exhausted.

So be it.

The flowers will blossom.

Fall into them

Take their magic with you

And then by all means

Forget the fractions
And come inside
With my bouquet.

One Single Impression


  1. This was wonderful! I can't help thinking, what if we were talking about the fractions inherent in dandelions?


  2. I was no good at fractions...... Maybe if they had have been in a poem that would have been more appealing.........!

  3. Sensible and sensuous...
    you left out the third "S"

    A wonderful, and yes, sacred post. Holy Delight!

    Aloha, Sistah

    Comfort Spiral

  4. Your wish is my command.

    I love these vignettes you do for OSI. They always seem like you wrote them just for me.

    And yes, I'm taking notes. Because you never know what'll be on the exam.

  5. How lovely Sandy! I'm living in the same rainy weather but didn't come up with poetry to make it better... :)

  6. I hope the sun comes out for you this weekend Sandy. I can tell you have had too many rainy days right now. Happy Weekend.

  7. I was commisserating with you about rain -- although we haven't had any the past couple days -- and then I burst out laughing at the end. . . maybe that bee was too attached to the feast in the flowers it called "home" and thought it belonged with the bunch you picked for the hosue? Ü

  8. interesting, i'm enjoying flowers now too.

  9. Oh what a lovely interpretation of this excellent prompt. LOVED the photo too.

    Hugs, G

    PS: I made it to the number 1 spot at OSI this week, wwoooohoooo!!!!

  10. Very nice capture!

  11. the bees knees -- you know they are a a favorite of mine; and this one is a beauty!

  12. Loved the starting with fractions. So beautiful poem!

    wrath of nature

  13. A clever beginning to this. Yes, flowers are all around now. Beautiful.

  14. If there would be one song that remind you of Michael Jackson ...what would it be and why? Its time to break the boundaries ... share your thoughts and let your voice be heard.

  15. Wow, what a beautiful way to start the day!

  16. The photo is beautiful. And I love the way you talk about falling into the flowers.

  17. most appealing to me today Sandy

  18. The was so beautiful, and very comforting...I really loved it! "Forget the fractions", indeed...something I definitely need to do more often.

  19. great shot of those flowers.

  20. lovely that you include all of us or anyone that is sensuous enough to fall into those flowers!

    "some cosmic command' is a wonderful line, for me.

  21. A beautiful photo, daisies everywhere today.
    I get so caught up with my camera sometimes I do feel like I'm falling into the flower, it just keeps pulling me deeper inside. And it's such a wonderful feeling.
    When I saw the fractions, I thought of the number of photos I take and the number that turn out well!

  22. That's beautiful. You deserve a fine bouquet for that. :)

  23. artistic and beautiful

  24. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Rain here again today, all day! But, early this morning, I saw a butterfly winging through the mist. That made my morning.

    Glad you can see still see the magic in the flowers.

  25. Said the spider to the fly, falling into the bouquet, "I just can't get those fractions outa' my sweet sticky mind. Shouldn't it be '43 of the last 51?'"

  26. Wonderful Poem and Post My Dear!

  27. I don't know about the fraction part about I like the idea of picking flowers in the rain and how it seems so natural to say at the end to bring in "my bouquet, I imagine a little boy or girl doing this for their parent

  28. Sandy: With all that rain you should have a lot of green. Our irea is green with a lot less rain.

  29. the beautiful flowers
    interest is the symbol of beauty
    there is no person who does not like flowers

  30. That is TOO much rain for this girl! But I love you bee and buds! :)

  31. One wonders, if there isn't some point at which those happy polinators don't get drowned!

  32. Beautiful poem and photo, Sandy!

    I'll be back here to see all places you call home. I'm sure I'll like them.

    Thanks for your visit, have a nice week.

  33. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Oh my !! this was so different, fresh and alive :)

  34. Life goes on. I was also amazed that the plants kept growing in spite of the onslaught.

  35. impossible to measure how much love falls out of the sky.
    and how much lighter one feels falling into a flower.

  36. Brilliant verses which resonate in unspoken wisdom.. Inspirational.. teaches us to go on, even in the face of adversity..

  37. A delightfully well-told story. Enjoyed it and the photo is a pleasure, too!

  38. rain is rambunctous never thought to count...

  39. Love it- and I love a rainy day- so this was right up my alley. Beautiful picture of the bee and flower- amazing! Hope yoou are enjoying your summer!

  40. Loved your descriptive poetry! Felt like it was me there living it. You made me chuckle with the ending. Thanks! I needed that!


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