One Single Impression: Walls

I turn to the dictionary for walls:
Among other things, I find immure:
Shut up between walls.

Yeah, that:

As in imprisoned, or,
On a lighter note,

As in intramural sports.
Ready to play;
Not ready to compete.

Shut up
Shut in
Shut out


I remember a friend--
A lover once--
Who used to say

Get shut of

He meant set free from,
And he usually meant of things that hurt,

"Get shut of it, San," he would say
Until I thought I could
Step through pain that boxed me in

That was what he meant.

He got shut of me.

A decade and a half later I receive his gift:

Somehow these things
That close in
Also set free.

I stop here.
I can work with this.

These words
And a glass of wine
Will sing me to sleep

What are walls?
I am shut of them.

One Single Impression


  1. What a wonderful insight. I love this play with this word--and the poem's ending. Beautiful.

  2. I love rooms with walls as opposed to open spaces. They make me feel safe and cozy and I can "shut" the rest out.

  3. Very reflective post. Liked the way it went on..I learnt a new word too.


    filigreed walls

  4. only you can free yourself of walls that others put in your way, then you are really free as you walk away in forgiveness for all-yourself and the perpetrator. great poem with hidden meanings...

  5. An amazing poem My Dear Friend! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  6. It starts with walls and ends with doors, open or shut.

  7. A splendidly well organized poem. Beautiful!

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  9. Wow! Lots of deep thinking and personal reflection there. . .

  10. Now that's insightful. Excellent.

  11. Perspective makes all the difference. I find that too many walls and not enough windows make me feel claustrophobic, while my mother prefers walls and multiple locks to feel safe.

    Perhaps I simply need to 'get shut of' her obsessive compulsive walls boxing me in?

    I think I shall have a glass of wine tonight and ponder these words.

  12. Over this side of the pond we say *shot of them*!
    Lovely reflective post.
    You are getting shot of me now..... just for today!
    Signing out!

  13. cobbles press my soles;
    low'ring shops of pain shuttered:
    dawn mist starts to rise

  14. You are a poet and a philosopher! Brilliant post!

  15. Deeply insightful, I'm thinking now of walls of words - ones I've built up, ones I've come up against...

  16. I love the way you move from one definition to another to the phrase "get shut of."

    If you get a chance read Billy Collins's "Ballistics" and "Marco Polo." I think you'll love them! :)

  17. sometimes I think that if given enough time, all forgiveness and wisdom will arise. Wonderful journey to take with you, through your words.

  18. Very nice stream of conscious.

  19. Shut up no one is lisyrning Get over it
    Today went to church
    Hate the sin love ythe sinner
    I still am sick procedure did not work
    econo,ic poor wife and car gone to Alice land No one love me this i know for the bible yrll mr so
    So I will gey over it
    Natural laws can not be disobeyed

  20. There are two faces of LloydThetwo persomd of self Each in a battle of the universe amd for the people in it yes I am crazy!!!

  21. Thus saith the wanna be great and independent outdoorswoman. Even in burial.
    But it ain't gonna happen!

  22. Sandy!

    Love this post and poem. What are walls? I am shut of them. Brilliant ending lines.

    Sending peace & love,

  23. Love the ending and the exporesion "shut of". Wow!

  24. I like the irony and paradox in this poem.

  25. Very interesting poem, Sandy :)

    and walls....its within the four walls of my home that I enjoy my utmost freedom of being myself! :)

    its been a long time...i missed reaching here,


  26. Over from David's to say congrats on the POTD mention!

  27. Congrats on the Post of the Day Award!

  28. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I can think of a few things that I need to get shut of, too. We can all learn from this one, Sandy.

  29. Your poem is honest and free of any walls.

  30. free of walls that close us in or makes us sad, that is easy to imagine but hard to do

  31. Love the flow and thought in this one - insightful, for sure!

  32. Anonymous5:44 AM

    your writes are always so very different .. and i love them all so much !!

  33. Very intriguing insights into the ways we use language.

  34. Walls turn inside out like old wash; the internal becomes visible.
    I love the way the poem becomes lighter and lighter as old words take on new meaning.
    And gifts are gracefully received. There is such tenderness here.

  35. ' There is such tenderness here ' ..

    lovely ..

  36. Nice Sandy- I especially liked the stanza" Somehow these things
    That close in
    Also set free." So true on lots of accounts. I appreciate learning a new phrase too! Thanks~

  37. "He got shut of me."

    Foolish man. Foolish, foolish man. I wonder if he ever realized what he gave up. Probably not, huh?

    But it makes me glad to hear you say you're free of it now.

  38. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Wow.... Your style is quite unique! Loved the poem...

  39. Oh yes, those old lovers who had such wisdom to impart, only we didn't realize it at the time. Thank heaven for retrospect.

    Love this poem.



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