One Single Impression: Conquer

Their voices summon the day
And the day arises

Almost immediately

They will the death of a squirrel
And one sacrifices himself

Under the tire of the next car

They land on a branch in any field
Cry out whatever they please

And own the growing repast
Of the farmers

Who are perhaps wisely elsewhere.

They cry into a snowfall
And the snowfall stops.

They are crows.
They believe what they say.
Their prophecies come true.

Their conquests begin
Whenever I open my eyes

And think
Where are the crows

To speak to me today?


  1. I like your poem, so full of images and emotions...

  2. Kind of a light/dark Sandy thing, eh?

    You wrestle with angels, Dear

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  3. What a nice poem, Sandy. I always read your lines with great interest and pleasure.

  4. Wow... awesome. Nice poem Sandy.

    Anyway, care to exchange links? Holla at my page...

    Joel here. =)

  5. Interesting view of the crow. I think of them more as jesters.

  6. eng@salitype6:46 AM

    it is alovely poem, i can even see in my mind's eye the frantic skittering of squirrels and the crows standing veey still, observing, watching!

    have a lovely weekend!


  7. I really like the squirrel & crow images along with the big question of 'what about today?' I'll have your poem on my mind for awhile. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I think you have captured crows perfectly.

    Come Visit Silly Saturday

  9. An excellent bit of prose, Sandy... thanks for sharing it.

  10. Wow, Sandy I really, really enjoyed that one. Very nice writing.

  11. i must say ma'am deeply u observed crows's behaviour...once i was interested in keeping crows's young ones at reminds me that phase ..:-)

  12. I can only smile at this one ...

    ...having been forced to study the ways of crows as I have the ways of men --- life is about cleaning up the carnage cause by nature or by humanity ... in this respect the crows and mankind are much alike; they have buzzard like attributes. I don't believe they conquer death, but they sure cause a lot of it ... is it no wonder the farmers try and scare them crows away.

    Your poetry is like delicious puzzle pieces, that only you know how to connect .. the rest of us just play with them with our comments. Every once in a while I come back and play with the same one again --- reading each comment to see how far any of us get to completing the puzzle without guidance from the one who created it.

    ... Still I come because I enjoy it. Indeed, I am also entertained by it.

  13. Very nice Sandy- I never thought of crows like that- and I love to hear them caw~ Have a wonderful week!

  14. Amias,
    I was playing with the idea of self-importance, how we think we make our world. We do and we don't at the same time. I watch the crows, I watch myself, I laugh.

  15. zoya gautam9:47 AM

    terrific ..

  16. I love the mood this poem evokes...there's a starkness and yearning there that resonated with me. Beautiful!

  17. human and nature a complete paradox...interesting

  18. You have really captured the complex essence of this prompt Sandy, nicely done.

  19. You use crows as a great analogy here.

  20. Sandy,
    This is a wonderfully creative piece.

  21. Anonymous3:15 PM

    such a terrific feel to this poem...

    you are so good at playing with words..

  22. I once watched a group of crows harry a small rabbit, surrounding it, pecking at it -- it seems at times that they are indeed harbingers of something dark and awful.

  23. I've always had a fascination with crows-so I loved this one. And the crazy little squirrels in my area seem to be throwing themselves under many cars.

  24. wonderful piece full of insight and symbolism!

  25. what adjective would best describe your work Sandy?

    it's very well expressed, and though i would have to go over and over to understand it, i like the message of your work...

    thanks for droppin by my site, i've bookmarked you...

    have a nice day Sandy!


  26. You always have such a way with words. We've had many crows around here lately. ;)

  27. Sandy,

    I have watched my grandfather battle with the crows in his corn field.

    In a way, both came out winners in my eyes.

    My grandfather had plenty of corn and the crows did not take too much.

  28. Crows are very intelligent critters. They are true thinkers.. and so are you. :)

  29. I actually have a lot of admiration for crows. Then again, I'm not a farmer, so I have no natural enmity for them. But with all that admiration I've never really "studied" them. At least not in the way you have here. I may have to rethink that.

  30. Sandy, those crows were up all night thinking of ways to speak to you.
    We don't have any crows around here, we wake up to little tractors harrowing the sand traps.

  31. Not fond of crows but I like your analogy!

  32. Anonymous1:24 PM

    One of my favorite animals... I think you nicely summed up the way they tread that honest line between good and bad fortune.

  33. I love crows. I love this poem because it loves crows. It tells of their power and comedy and their ability to tell us what's going on out there. Somehow you always get it right!

  34. You run out of platitudes when commenting on these pieces.
    I'd use up all my favourite phrases of acclaim for this one.
    It has a mysticism, nearly native.

    You know I say a prayer everytime I get in my car that I'll be able to stop before I hit a squirrel and that I'll never witness someone who can't.

    The cry in the snow was unforgettable by the way.

  35. I intend to read this with a mystical twist. Either that or the crows have taken over Congress.

  36. super............i wonder what the crows would say once theyve heard yoru question?

  37. I like this very much. Such feeling attached and words to contemplate. The will of the crow seems endless, yet they do speak to us when they choose.

    Something from mid-week.....

  38. swapna9:55 PM

    Its so true in this part of the world, their voice summons each day and we rise. Enjoyed the write.

  39. As always this is excellent Sandy.
    Your striking images are sharp and clear. Wonderful powerful poem. I can clearly see those weavers of woe.

    BTW- I am having trouble with my URL again and had to change the sites name.
    I am now Cassiopeia Rises

    love, Melanie

  40. Ooooh! Just saw this.

    And how often do we listen to those who would crow for our own demise?


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