Blog Your Blessings: The Passed Note

The other day I read a heart-rending paragraph, the honesty and vulnerability of which pressed a hole in the walls I have built around my heart. After reading this young man's writing, I wept and wept and wept.

The young man is a student, of course. Being the pain he tries so hard to be, he passed this paragraph to another student just to make a show of himself. He knew I'd take it, and I did. He was at something, and I knew it, so it was a matter of going through the motions of Confiscating the Note Passed during Class.

Well. He writes about broken-heartedness, about being played by people who say they love you but serve their own needs and walk away. He recognizes the self-destructive anger that ensues. And then he writes: But if you are true to the lightness in your heart, you will heal and you will return to your normal state and if you find yourself in this situation of being in love, think before you decide--or suffer endless pain.

The truth of it broke my heart. It needed to be broken. I have needed to face it and to move on.

Yet another child, a misfit among misfits who has embraced Life as a Misfit and turned it into art, has made it possible to move on.

There is hope. And that is a blessing.