One Single Impression: Junction

Truth is a pathless land
The teacher said.

Pathless, he said.

I am holding a

Marveling at the intersections

Of this path
With that one
And how these several paths
Run like veins,
Feeding the life of this place

Thinking how much like our lives
This is

How meaning derives
From our meeting and touching

How meaning derives from a belief





But truth is a pathless land.

So the man said

And I become curious
About that secret wilderness

Between you and me.

Oh, yes indeed.

I am curious.

(The teacher: Jiddu Krishnamurti)


  1. yes Sandy, as we journey through life we go through many junctions....:)

    nice one...

    good morning!

  2. Reminds me of a quote

    Even if it is one person that supports it truth is still truth.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Your soul is doing heavy lifting right now.
    Be sure it eats & rests, Sandy.

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  4. Thanks for this lovely piece from Jiddu. Just can connect to his writings so much

  5. Lovely poem. Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing a word. You are welcome any time.

  6. Very nice post, Sandy.
    Life is a river with so many ramifications.

  7. Isn't that the truth :-)
    Very wise words.

  8. sometimes it takes time to recognize those paths......I like this very much!!

  9. That wilderness often becomes a bottomless abyss. Sigh...

  10. every interaction teaches us something even the most negative is a journey of learning through our experiences.

  11. Words to think about, Sandy! Thank you! Are you ready for the snow? We're gonna get socked in! :)

  12. Lovely post. Hugs to you, Sandy. It feels like you need one.. but then again, who doesn't?

  13. this is quite wonderful Sandy! I like that, pathless.

  14. Many things connect in ways we could never imagine, Sandy. What an eloquent post.

  15. That Hagstrom is an important guide. Too bad life doesn't have such a map. Indeed there are many routes to take on not the map. I enjoyed your poem. It has me thinking this evening Sandy.

  16. here we call it the crossroads. life is about making good decisions under His guidance. so this means, that there's thousands of crossroads ahead of us.

  17. Sandy, Turin is said to be a world center of magic, of both the black (evil) and white (good) kinds. However, I don't think that the number of 700 tor├Ęts has some magic meaning.
    Happy weekend!

  18. The idea of something being "pathless" intrigues me. Is the truth pathless, because unlike a lie, it need no explanation, it's just what is, based on the individual?

    The stings on a guitar, a metaphor to life and it's many adventures --- starting at nowhere to get to somewhere ... creating a wilderness that one get lost in. Or maybe just the blues and tears that flows into a pathless place.

    Oh well, this is indeed thought provoking.

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  20. Oh I'm taken by the wildness. Delighted.

  21. That pathless-ness is probably what makes the truth so very hard to find.

    It's not the first time you've written one of these that I could read as though it were written directly to me. I'm sure most of your audience would say that if they thought about it. You have a way of putting it right between the eyes m'lady. This is how I know it's wonderful.

    PS (for those of us not living in the tri-state area): I'm guessing the "Hagstrom" in this case is a map and not an electric guitar... right?

    PPS: I had to get in on this prompt myself. You'll understand.

  22. Oh! This was lovely...and deeply profound. There's always a deeper meaning drifting like a shadow alongside your words. Gorgeous.

  23. As always a beautiful poem. As we go through the life given us, we all come to many junctions and crossroads. Only God can show us the way, if we choose to take it.


  24. We always have to recognize what TRUTH is because a LIAR ... their TRUTH always a LIE.

    There are such fine lines in these junctions that one has to be careful to weed out the liars in our garden of hopes And dreams.

  25. I think curious is good. Contact is good. The intersections of the paths we take eventually make us wiser -- and collectively bring us closer to the truth. Which makes me wonder about Jiddu's "truth is pathless." Is this about Absolute Truth, which some claim to be out there no matter what? This is hurting my head! :)

    Sandy, your "Junction" is clearly thought-provoking. Made my Sunday.


  26. Pathless. Oh. Yes. Pathless. Swept along, pathless. Nice work.

  27. very profound and thought provoking, Sandy. And contact is good- very good!!! Enjoy your break and Happy Holidays!

  28. Sandy, isn't it wonderful that life holds so many junctions for us! A rut definitely branches at the junction.

    Meeting and touching does a lot to show meaning. It can be the ultimate in communications.
    I will stop, this could get scary. Like getting goosebumps thinking about it.
    Merry Christmas. I am sorry I am so late in coming here for OSI. I still am terribly behind and perhaps should take some time out. But I won't!

  29. Ah, those intersections. The magic keys to growth and how often curiosity takes us to the crossroads.
    Very nice!


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